Saturday, 24 April 2010

Jeff Byers got a plane ticket!

So did 14 other guys.
  • James Brindley, free safety, Utah State.
  • Marcus Brown, cornerback, Arkansas State.
  • Kyle Burkhart, tackle, Southern Mississippi.
  • Jeff Byers, center/guard, USC.
  • Reggie Carter, outside linebacker, UCLA.
  • Patrick Devenny, tight end, Colorado.
  • Kevin Dixon, inside linebacker, Troy.
  • Demarcus Granger, defensive tackle, Oklahoma.
  • Quintin Hancock, receiver, Tennessee.
  • Will Harris, free safety, USC.
  • Adrian Martinez, center, Colorado State.
  • Joe Pawelek, inside linebacker, Baylor.
  • Jacob Phillips, tackle, Belhaven, Miss.
  • Josh Pinkard, cornerback, USC.
  • Rob Rose, defensive end, Ohio State.
Demarcus Granger might be a guy to keep an eye on too. He's a 1 tech for a 4-3 defense. A loooong time ago, he was thought to have 1st round talent, but that has been derailed by tons of injuries, character issues, and perhaps even laziness. A big time long shot, but huge upside for a UDFA if he pans out.


nightwulf said...

I was hoping to draft Byers in the 5th or 6th...but we got him for free!
Harris is another good pickup, who got overshadowed by all the Mays hype...with the added bonus that it'll likely make Mays' head explode.
Granger could be a stud, and if not, no loss...all upside on that one...Looks like camp will be more than a bit interesting:)

Kip Earlywine said...

The Seahawks have had above average luck with UDFA in recent years. Hopefully Carroll/Schneider can continue the trend. I'm definitely glad we got Byers. Like you, If I had been making the picks, I wouldn't have allowed Byers to go undrafted.

micah said...

You think we're gonna trade any of our current RBs or WRs now that we have stockpiled them?

Jon said...

I was thinking there was a chance we could/would trade Forsett for a 6th or 7th yesterday as Leon Washington basically does everything in Forsett's role just 3 times better.

But now that the draft is over I doubt it. They might as well keep Forsett and everyone around the league can see we're going to have to cut Jones so no one's going to offer anything for him. They'll just wait for the cut down day, which will be in interesting day in Renton. Should be a lot of trash on the curb.

Anonymous said...

It looks like Tony Washington still hasn't signed with anyone. Maybe no one wants to deal with that problem unless they absolutely have to which is really too bad. As odd of a "character issue" it is, I would much rather have Washington over a wife beater or accused rapist.

muebles albacete said...

I completely agree with the post.