Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Speculation: Suh to the Rams?

By Kip Earlywine
It hasn't been talked about much, but the Rams are acting suspicious, at least relative to past #1 pick teams. Normally, a #1 team will announce their pick- and sign him to a contract, days before the draft. And yet here we are, less than 24 hours away, and the Rams have not signed anyone despite the fact that they've been so strongly linked to Sam Bradford. On top of this, the Rams just traded Adam Carriker, a DT who was a high first round pick by the Rams a mere 3 years ago. Carriker had often been cited as a (financial/roster) roadblock of sorts for Ndamukong Suh. Just what are the Rams up to?

More importantly, if Suh goes #1, this certainly impacts Seattle, as sources I trust have linked Eric Berry to Tampa in the event that both DTs are gone before #3. Its no longer a crazy thought that both Eric Berry and Trent Williams could fail to reach #6. Then what happens? A trade, one way or another, becomes pretty likely. It should be fun to watch.

Edit: Seahawks Addicts has a post up that pieces together some of Pete Carroll's cryptic tweets. Unfortunately, they build a pretty solid case that he's hinting at drafting Taylor Mays. Rob's draft source once mentioned that Carroll is eyeballing a player specifically because of how he would market the player to fans. Mays is a Seattle native.


TJwhoseseahawk said...

1 (St. Louis) Suh

2-(Detroit) McCoy


If this does indeed happen than Sam Bradford or Trent Williams are available at 4 to Washington? and then KC picks McClain. Leaving Seattle with either Bradford or Wiliams still. am I right?

The only way it REALLY screws us over is if its Suh, McCoy, Berry, Bradfordm and then Wiliiams. I think We would seriously have to consider Morgan or Okung.

A-R-N-F said...

Perhaps hanesworth + #5 for #1 + #63. Then they take Clausen @4. Not completely crazy idea I don't think.

Matthew Baldwin said...

No possible way Bradford gets pass STL. They passed on Ryan. They passed on Sanchez and they've been in the cellar ever since.

Haynsworth didn't make WAS a contender and they're more complete than STL.

This is a QB league. STL will take Bradford.

The only reason there are no negotations is because STL is in ownership flux.

Anonymous said...

If they feel Colt McCoy (or whoever it is in the 2nd round) is sufficiently accurate or has enough potential, then they can go ahead and draft IMO the best player in the draft.

JohnnyB said...

If Carroll really picks Mays high in the draft, the only marketing advantage is going to be before the teams first game, unless Mays is worth the pick. If Mays is a bust it's the sort of move that gets head coaches fired fast.

I can't imagine any coach or GM could be so stupid as to pick a player who isn't as good as others available just because he comes from the area, unless that player has *massive* hype like Tebow does in Florida.

Kip Earlywine said...

The Carriker trade is so suspicious to me. Here's a guy that was the 13th pick in the draft only 3 years ago, and the Rams just traded him not for a pick but for late round draft positioning. It reminds me a little of the Seahawks trading JP for a 5th + Redding, not so much for the returns, but for the open roster spot which allowed them to consider Aaron Curry.

Steve in Spain said...

Devaney's very high on Bradford. I think the only reason they haven't signed him yet is, like Matthew points out, the tenuous ownership situation. Also, they still have Cleveland nibbling at the hook and want to see if Holmgren ups his offer. I don't think the Browns are offering anything near Trade Value Chart compensation for the #1 pick - they're hoping a desperate Rams will trade down for a song. Ultimately nothing will end up coming of it and the Rams will make the right call and take Bradford.

The Carriker move just means that the Rams think there are enough quality mid-round DL prospects in this deep draft to make Carriker utterly dispensible. The Rams are still house-cleaning from prior administrations.

Anonymous said...

I'd be happy with this draft for us.
I won't be suprised if the Rams pass on Bradford,the big Question is his durability and he doesn't yet know how to take a hit. Suh makes alot of sense and a trade does too.

MontanaHawk05 said...

Not to mention that the greatest impact of this move on Seattle would be Suh tearing apart our offensive line twice a year for the next decade. Please, Rams, draft Bradford.