Saturday, 24 April 2010

So, to recap...

By Kip Earlywine
Note: this isn't the offseason in total- this is just the list of players that arrived here either in the draft itself or in exchange for a 2010 draft pick.

Here is what the 2010 draft has brought us in total:

Russell Okung
Earl Thomas
Charlie Whitehurst (-next year's 3rd)
Golden Tate
Lendale White (Titans)
Kevin Vickerson (Titans)
Walter Thurmond III
E.J. Wilson
Leon Washington (Jets)
Kam Chancellor
Anthony McCoy
Dexter Davis
Jameson Konz
Robert Henderson (Lions)

...Wow. Not that I expect all 14 of these players to stick, but if theoretically they did, that would mean Seattle remade over 1/4 of their entire roster in just one draft!

I'm exhausted. So I'm going to take a bit of a break. I might have a post up tomorrow on my reaction to the draft. He's a preview- John Schneider and Pete Carroll just killed this one. Great job guys!

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