Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Day Two analysis

The Senior Bowl continues in Mobile and despite the vast number of absentees, those who have showed up are getting an opportunity to boost their draft stock.

Matt McGuire reports on who impressed him in morning practise on day two. He paid particular attention to the battle of the centers - Alex Mack (California) vs Max Unger (Oregon). He also gives a good review of the afternoon practise here.

McGuire also had a chance to speak with Michael Oher and says he was impressed with his performance so far. He also credits Oher for turning up - unlike Jason Smith and Eugene Monroe.

Shawn Zobel continues to be impressed with B.J. Raji, but also feels another defensive tackle, Peria Jerry (Ole Miss) has put in a good show.

Draft Headquarters also has a live blog running with regular updates.

Tony Pauline from SI.com reports there was an increased intensity on day two. He lists his risers and sliders so far with some particularly harsh words for Herman Johnson (OG, LSU).

Russ Lane from the Sporting News lists who he likes from the North team and feels Rey Maualuga put on a better show after a disappointing first practise.


Chris (Seattle) said...

Rob. Wondering what you think of the Senior Bowl practices so far. Honestly I was hoping for Crabtree and anyone else was a distant second, but BJ Raji looks like a premier DT that would compliment Mebane well. He may slip to around 10 or so and starting to think trading down, acquiring a new pick, and selecting Raji would be an excellent plan B. Though I understand problem is we need teams wanting to move up to do that, but hopefully if Crabtree isn't there we can work that out. What do you think of the scenerio?

Rob Staton said...

I think it's unlikely Seattle would target Raji due to his character red flags. He was red shirted by the team in 2007 because of academic struggles and he was given a short suspension for punching an opponent. Tim Ruskell values character and will want to make such a high pick as low risk as possible.

Also, the Seahawks rotate their DT's so much it would be an expensive pick to spend on someone who may only feature in 35 snaps a game. I am sure Seattle will address the position somehow if Rocky Bernard is not re-signed, but I would be suprised if they used a first round pick on Raji.

In terms of my thoughts on the Senior Bowl practises so far, I'm a little dissapointed at the number of 'no shows'. I was really looking forward to seeing Eugene Monroe, Michael Oher and Jason Smith showing what they can do, but only Oher has shown up. Even guys like Michael Johnson - a not so polished DE from Georgia Tech - have decided they won't make the effort. It's really undermined the game as a whole and I can't help but feel in some cases, the stock of some prospects will have taken a hit.

Kurt said...

Good stuff, Rob. On both days.

Have you heard anything yet on why Smith and Monroe withdrew?

Anonymous said...

Agreed, good stuff Rob.

Do you have any details about why Jason Smith did not show up? Everything I have read about him had me drawn to him but noshow? If you love the game and have an opportunity and no ingury.....not a good sign in my estimation.

Big Joe

Rob Staton said...

Eugene Monroe announced a while back that he wouldn't be attending. He believes he has nothing to gain as his stock is already pretty high. It wasn't a suprise, he's seen Brendan Albert go high last year and he didn't even play LT in college. He's very likely a top 10 pick and some would argue he could only hurt his stock in the Senior Bowl. I think he should be out there showing what he can do.

Jason Smith is more of a surprise. He was expected to work out because playing for Baylor, there were questions whether he could work out of a stretch offense and also about his run blocking. By working out he could also have further improved his rising draft stock and possibly become the number one ranked tackle. He seemed to only decide not to work out the day of the weigh in. Whilst people are raving about Michael Oher's performance at the Senior Bowl (he didn't need to show up either.. but did) Smith is missing out on a chance to impress the coaches and scouts present. For me, it says a lot about a guys character when he's not prepared to put himself out there and work out for a team. You don't see Rey Maualuga resting on his reputation.