Sunday, 18 January 2009

Request: Footage of Jason Smith

Chris from Seattle recently asked if I knew of any footage on Jason Smith (OT, Baylor). A lot of focus over the last few days has been on the Bears linemen after Rob Rang had him going to the Seahawks in his first mock draft.

Getting clips of Baylor football is particularly difficult and I am yet to find any of Smith specifically. I have managed to find three pieces of video charting scoring drives by the Bears when they faced Missouri in 2008. The quality isn't great, but if you look out for number 72 you can do your own scouting. The advantage is, with this not being a highlight reel you're getting a more honest assessment as opposed to a collaboration of his best plays.

To view the clips, click here (one, two, three).


Chris (Seattle) said...

Thanks Rob. Even though I hope Crabtree is the pick, wanted to check out Smith cause he seems to have the least weaknesses among the top OT in the draft (bulk was his biggest question mark, but at his size I doubt adding weight would be difficult).

Rotak said...

Rob, if you're able to download torrents let me know and I can try to upload a couple of Baylor games for you. I know I have v Texas Tech, I think I also have against Oklahoma and against UConn. No promises on the quality, but the TT game was at least somewhat alright.

Rob Staton said...

Hi Kyle, only just seen this response. I will contact you soon regarding the Baylor footage.