Sunday, 18 January 2009

McShay and Steuber updated mocks

Todd McShay (ESPN, Scouts Inc) and Chris Steuber ( have both recently published updated mock drafts. Previously, McShay had Seattle selecting Aaron Curry (LB, Wake Forest) and Steubar thought the Seahawks would pick up Matt Stafford (QB, Georgia). With the underclassmen deadline throwing up a few surprises, have their mocks changed?

Quite dramatically, but they are thinking along the same lines when it comes to the Seahawks. In this video clip, McShay first explains his top five 'surprises' on who chose not to declare. The second part is a top five mock draft with a brief justification on each prediction. He has the Seahawks taking Michael Crabtree, rating him as an 'exceptional play maker' and a good fit for Seattle. McShay has also recently updated his big board of top 32 prospects.

Steuber's mock has a few interesting predictions. He has Mark Sanchez (QB, USC) going first overall to the Detroit Lions. Matt Stafford drops all the way to number ten and San Francisco. Michael Crabtree is again Seattle bound although Steuber believes Stafford is still a possibility for the Seahawks. He claims Crabtree will offer a big weapon to Matt Hasselbeck. Here's a Q&A Steuber held with the Texas Tech receiver prior to the 2008 season.


Chris (Seattle) said...

Love the blog. Keep up the good work. I have a request: Do you know where there are some videos of Jason Smith? I've looked everywhere to find some highlights of him, but can't find any. Given the hawks may take him, wanted to see what he looked like on film. Thanks.

Rob Staton said...

Chris, I've been looking for footage myself but have only found game highlights of Baylor, not specifically of Smith. I'll post some in a new article so you can check them out.