Sunday, 11 January 2009

Tebow says he won't declare

Speaking in front of a crowd celebrating Florida's national title success, Tim Tebow said today he's 'coming back'. Much to the delight of the 40,000 present, the Gators star quarter back said he will not declare for the NFL draft. After consulting several coaches on his prospects, the news can't have been good for Tebow. Many question his mechanics and slow delivery at a pro-level and he's often touted for a position change. He'll have another year in Florida to change some minds. Here's footage of his announcement.


Michael Steffes said...

Thank goodness! We can leave the Tebow debate for another year.

I can't decide what I would do if I was a GM on Tebow. Part of me knows his game won't translate well, but I would never tell this kid what he CANT do. I get the feeling that he can will himself to just about anything.

Part of me was kinda hoping to take him with 36th pick and let him adjust for 2 years. The Hawks probably aren't looking at using too many of their picks as projects this year though.

Mind of no mind said...

Agreed. I've already heard way to many uninformed people say the Hawks should draft him at #4 if he's "still available".

Curt said...

Watch him next year. You will see a qb being groomed for the NFL. It's been fun watching him grow the last 3 years.