Thursday, 22 January 2009

Thursday mocks - it's all Crabtree

Time to check out another batch of mock drafts. Mel Kiper has published his first mock draft this week, Kyle Rota from College Talent Scout has updated his prediction and we'll see what Walter Cherepinsky thinks during Senior Bowl week.
For the full list, click here.

ESPN's Mel Kiper has published his first mock draft, he has the Seahawks taking Michael Crabtree. The Texas tech receiver is also top of Kiper's updated big board.

Michael Abromowitz has Seattle picking the Texas Tech receiver, stating 'If this 2008 college season has taught us anything it is that Michael Crabtree is by far the best college football player'.

Kyle Rota recently published his report card on Michael Crabtree right here on Seahawks Draft Blog. Check out his latest mock draft.

Draft Tek's software continues to provide a nice looking mock draft for the Seahawks. Round one - Crabtree, round two - LeSean McCoy (RB, Pittsburgh), round three - Alex Mack (C, California). Crabtree also tops their big board.

Walter Cherepinsky also thinks the Seahawks take Crabtree. It seems to be a consensus opinion amongst a lot of pundits. He has the Hawks taking offensive tackle Troy Kropog (Tulane) in the second round.

Draft King believes, guess what, Crabtree to Seattle. He claims the receiver is the best red shirted sophomore to declare since Larry Fitzgerald.


Kurt said...

Two things worry me about Crabtree:

1. his ankle.
2. his lack of separation speed.

I think I read someone compare him to Keyshawn Johnson. That seems like a logical comparison to me and while I wish we could get a receiver with a little more speed, we haven't had a big possession receiver since Jurevicius left. He would come in handy on those fade routes from 2nd and goal on the 6.

Rob Staton said...

I'm not a doctor by any means (bit of an understatement!) but I do have some experience with ankle injuries having suffered three serious ankle injuries myself during my teenage years.

When I was 16, I suffered a double bone and ligament fracture whilst celebrating a goal during a soccer game. After enduring a period of rest and physio, I began to participate in sport again. About a year later, the same injury happened again largely because the ankle never fully repaired and never will.

When I was at university, I injured my other ankle. Although the originl diagnosis was "four weeks rest" it took me approximately 4 months to be able to walk without crutches and 11 months before I played sport again. My physio noticed during the treatment that my knee had also been affected because of the injury and that I would likely require surgery. As I was moving to Vancouver in a few weeks I was fortunate enough to avoid the surgey, but both ankles are prone to injury.

Enough about me - the bottom line is an ankle injury, even if not serious at first, is always prone to getting re-injured. Ankles take so much strain, they're constantly being pushed and pulled on full body weight. Crabtree managed to perform in spite of his injury despite being visibly uncomfortable. It's my main, and perhaps only concern regarding him. Everything else is a complete receiver in my opinion. That ankle is a concern though, and could be a deal breaker.It needs to be checked thoroughly.

Chris (Seattle) said...

Hey Rob. Just wanted to comment on Crabtree and Draft Tek's predictions. First, have there been reports that his ankle injury is anything more than the standard high-ankle sprain? Everyone seems concerned as if he had a major knee injury or something. If his ankle isn't a concern, there are no concerns in my opinion. His speed is not a problem at all (look at guys like Jerry Rice's 40 time, or Anquan Boldin. Both ran in the 4.7's and above). Speed is overrated at times. It's about explosion with WRs, not all about deep speed.

On Draft Tek's predictions: First, do we really need a RB with our 2nd round pick? We have some more pressing needs in my opinion (interior O and D line, Safety). We have Jones, Duckett and Forsett which should be enough. If not, take one later, RBs can be found later. Also, do you think Mack would be there in the 3rd round? A lot of people have him going late 1st early 2nd. I just don't see him getting to us there. Either way, I feel they need to address our main needs (WR, interior line, safety) with their first three picks. What do you think?

Anonymous said...

Rob, You blow out your foot celebrating? I can respect that and snicker a little as well. On a over 30 indoor soccer team, I was the slow player and only once did I get a breakaway and scored but had no energy left other than to drop to the gound.

Thanks for the good info and no more back flips for you young man!

Big Joe

Rob Staton said...

Hi Chris, I agree with you about explosion and I really believe Crabtree has got that 'explosive' burst off the line of scrimmage. He isn't a burner, but he can create seperation. Regarding his ankle, basically he suffered an injury in the last game of the season. He was visibly struggling in the bowl game and probably wouldn't have played had it not been his last game for Texas Tech. There's as much chance his ankle was just a mild sprain, but if it is more serious - and that's a big 'if' - it needs to be checked out. Ankle's can become troublesome.

With Draft Tek, I was asked by them to enter the data for Seattle. They basically have some software and by tinkering with certain things for each team, it caluclates a mock. You enter loads of code and rankings for talent/need. The computer calculated that judgining by our needs and the Draft Tek big board that LeSean McCoy would be taken by us in round two. There's no human input, and to be honest some of the picks are a bit left field. Personally, I'm happy with a Crabtree/McCoy/Mack three round mock - so I haven't changed a thing! RB isn't as big a need as other positions, but McCoy in the second provides tremendous value.

Big Joe - even though I still play a whole number of sports, my 'celebration' days are well and truly over!

Rotak said...

This might be the first time I've ever seen someone from outside North America call it "Soccer".

Crabtree's ankle is a concern. I'm a little worried about drafting him, to be honest. I trust the medical staff to make the decision there. But I wouldn't worry about his speed. He's not fast, but he's faster than a lot of productive NFL guys, including several who are smaller.