Thursday, 15 January 2009

Sanchez & Harvin to declare

Mark Sanchez confirmed at an afternoon press conference that he will forgo his senior season to declare for the NFL draft. News broke yesterday of his intentions, coincidentally just after Sam Bradford's decision to stay with Oklahoma. He will challenge Matt Stafford in the race to go first overall and is being touted as a sure fire top ten pick.

Percy Harvin (Florida, WR/RB) also announced that he'll be turning pro. Harvin is an explosive play maker who was arguably the star of the BCS Championship game. He's struggled with injuries and this will affect his draft stock, but if teams are willing to gamble on his health they could be rewarded with a really talented prospect. Another Gator, line backer Bandon Spikes, indicated today that he'll be returning for his senior season. The deadline for underclassmen to declare is today.


Tampa Curt said...

Don't know if he will fall to our pick in the second but this guy is a play maker.
Anyone know where he is slated to go in the draft?

MTJHoyas said...

I don't think he will fall to our pick. That being said, he is a less talented, smaller Reggie Bush who can't stay healthy. I am not hating on the guy but he doesn't have a true position and route running at WR is more valuable than speed because everybody in the NFL is fast. I just look at Reggie Bush's career thus far and I don't think Harvin is nearly the player that Bush was in college. I just have a hard time believing he will find a true position in the NFL and I don't think he can stay healthy (he couldn't do it in college). I know a lot of people will disagree with me, but I have a lot of reservations about undersized speed guys in college. Yes, Chris Johnson is smaller but he was also a true RB that didn't play in a very gimmicky system.

MTJHoyas said...
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