Sunday, 4 January 2009

Lions to take a quarter back?

ESPN's Chris Mortensen is reporting today that the Detroit Lions will likely take a quarter back first overall in the NFL draft. There's no real substance or evidence behind his claim but it does appear increasingly likely that is the direction the 0-16 Lions will go. They have another first round pick thanks to the Roy Williams trade with Dallas and will select first in the second round. They likely won't find a franchise quarter back with either of those picks.


Michael said...

If Sanchez were to declare, would Seattle be interested. He comes from a pro set offense, has a great arm, and loves the game. I acknoledge his runin with the law in '06... but man... to me, he is better than both Bradford or Stafford.

Or, we could take a flier on Teel in the 7th and pray Hasselbeck plays forever.

Rob Staton said...

I'm sure Seattle would give Sanchez as much consideration as the other top rated quarter backs. Tim Ruskell has shown a willingness to draft from that school in the past. Personally I think he'll stay in school. Reports suggest this time next year he could be a potential first overall pick. I don't think he's regarded that highly this year. But you never know until Sanchez himself either declares or not. He has until 15th January to decide.