Sunday, 25 January 2009

Rivals consider Crabtree & Curry

The Senior Bowl isn't just a chance to look at the prospects on show, there's a whole world of speculation and opinion on offer for reporters. Amongst the gossip, news of two other teams picking in the top five and their plans for the 2009 draft.
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Jim Thomas from the St. Louis Despatch looks at the Rams options and speaks to some people in the know. He spoke to one NFC scout about wide receiver Michael Crabtree and apparently the scouts from St. Louis will be trying to convince the front office to select the Texas Tech play maker.

"He's a big-time down-the-field receiver. He'll come in and be good. He's legit. Just listening to the Rams' scouts, I guarantee you the people there are going to be pushing for Crabtree." - NFC Scout

Tony Grossi from the Plain Dealer Reporter suggests the Cleveland Browns will be hoping to get a dominant outside linebacker such as Wake Forest's Aaron Curry. Could the senior prospect be on Seattle's radar if they choose not to re-sign Leroy Hill after his arrest on Saturday?

"Curry, 6-2 and 246 pounds, was not at the Senior Bowl. On a conference call, NFL Network analyst Mike Mayock said, "Curry is the quintessential safe pick. He's smart, tough, aggressive. He's a guy who's played at a high level in the ACC and won't cause you any problems." - Tony Grossi


Chris (Seattle) said...

I certainly hope Leroy gets the same pass Lofa did. It was just a misdemeanor. It would be idiotic to let him go and use this pick on Curry, when we could keep Hill and take Crabtree or a great offensive lineman. Why trade Hill for Curry (who still isn't a guarantee, no player is in the draft)and basically waste a top 5 pick? What do you think Rob?

Rob Staton said...

I would be very suprised if this changes anything regarding Hill. He's made a mistake but not enough to dramatically change the franchise's opinion on a talented player. If Tim Ruskell was prepared to franchise this guy last week, I think little has changed this weekend. He won't cut his nose off to spite his face even if he values character highly. It might cost Hill a few dollars in terms of a long term contract but I imagine it is still Seattle's priority in free agency to re-sign Hill to a long term deal. Swapping him for a rookie, however good Aaron Curry is, makes little sense. It could even be a more expensive trade which isn't a good deal considering Hill's experience and Curry's lack of it.

Anonymous said...

If anything I think the Seahawks chances of signing Hill have gone up, not down. Why? Because his stock around the league will have gone down, even if just a little. He will surely be less confident about getting a huge contract around the league and more likely to sign for a reasonable amount with the Seahawks.

Anonymous said...

If money were no object, I'd agree that retaining Hill and using the #4 pick for Crabtree, Raji, Jenkins or one of the OT's seems logical. But... the #4 pick will cost $10M+ per year, and Hill $6M+. Franchising him will cost $8M+. The real question is: "Can we afford the #4 pick and Hill?" At least if you use the pick to replace Hill, you've covered his spot for marginally more than he would have cost anyway, and Ruskell would have money left for more affordable picks to fill other holes. That is of course assuming that the best available players include a suitable replacement for Hill. If Curry is gone, would you reach for Cushing due the above logic? I don't think so. Best player available and plug Hill's spot with 2nd or 3rd round pick.