Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Deadline day tomorrow

Tomorrow is the deadline for eligible prospects to declare for the 2009 NFL Draft. Most of the underclassmen expected to head for the pro's have made their announcements, but there still stands to be some interesting moments as we get closer to D-day. Oklahoma quarter back Sam Bradford has yet to make his intentions known and is the most high profile candidate yet to show his hand. LeSean McCoy (running back, Pittsburgh) has announced he will declare.


Misfit said...

Maybe I've missed a recent announcement, but LeSean McCoy's decision is one I'm curious about.

Rob, do you think he could be a Seattle target if he 1) declares and 2) falls past the first round?

Thanks for the blog and your work toward bringing us Seattle draft news - one of my favorite off-season topics.

Rob Staton said...

Thanks for the positive feedback Misfit, it's always great to hear. I think LeSean McCoy would have liked to go back for another year with Pittsburgh, but has had pressure from his familly to declare. It's probably for the best, running backs with less mileage are always valued higher than those that have had a lot of carries in college.

I think Seattle could very well target a running back. With Morris hitting free agency and Julius Jones failing to prove he is a long term option - the team might look at the draft. I would be suprised if all three of Moreno, Wells and McCoy went in the first round.

Kurt said...

There were alternating reports about McCoy. First, he was staying. Then he was leaving. But I read today that it's official he will declare for the draft.

I'm no expert but I could see some team taking him in the first round.

Misfit said...

Yes, McCoy delcared today: