Friday, 2 January 2009

Mock drafts

I hope everyone has recovered fully after the New Years celebrations. Here are some mock drafts to take us into the weekend and the first round of the NFL playoffs.

Draft Tek use sophisticated technology to determine their mock predictions. The top five are heavily influenced by offensive tackles with Andre Smith, Eugene Monroe and Michael Oher going in the first four selections. Seattle has Oher (OT, Ole Miss) in this mock.

It's always good to see what fans from other teams predict for Seattle. NE Patriots Draft agrees with the Draft Tek computer by having Seattle take Michael Oher. The Landry Hat also feels the same way.

Draft King has Seattle going in a different direction to take Texas Tech play maker Michael Crabtree.

The Great Blue North have a similar mock, with the 'Hawks again selecting Michael Crabtree.

Doug Lancy at Draft 101 also thinks Seattle pick up a wide receiver.

Mock Draft Aces has Tim Ruskell picking a quarter back, Georgia's Matt Stafford.

Steven Lourie at NFL Weekly things Seattle take Crabtree, with Sam Bradford going first overall and Matt Stafford dropping as far back as the 17th pick.


jjhsix said...

Is the Draft Tek mock completely done by computer. It's a terrible mock. Marks is not going in the top 10 and their interpretation of reach vs. value seems way off on many players to me.

Rob Staton said...

I think all the picks are calculated by configuring certain analysis via ratings. It's a model that essentially could be very accurate but it relies heavily on good analysis on what is a bigger need and how good the talent is on the board at that position.

If a team is dubbed to really need a DT, it needs to distinguish that all the DT talent at that stage would be a big reach. I fully expect Marks to be a second day pick at this juncture.