Saturday, 21 February 2009

Combine - big links update

I've just got home from my working road trip. Fortunately the game I was reporting on was absolutely first class and certainly took the edge off what turned out to be a nine hour drive. A lot has happened in Indianapolis, perhaps most notably the news on Michael Crabtree's need for surgery. I'll post a separate article on that in a moment, in the mean time here's some links as we play 'catchup' over the last 24 hours.

Walter Cherepinsky has an extensive data list which tracks how the prospects have performed so far. This includes weigh ins, reps on the bench press and 40 yard dash times.

Andre Smith decided not to work out and there's some confusion as to why he didn't make this known earlier. There were already concerns after a gaff cost Smith the chance to play in the Sugar Bowl - this doesn't help at all.

Aaron Wilson adds to the debate, saying Smith went AWOL and a search party was sent for him. Mike Mayock has criticised the prospect, whilst his agent has taken the blame. It's a complete mess and the Alabama offensive linemen will have to hope time is a healer. With nearly two months until the draft, his stock took a big hit this weekend.

Danny O'Neil has published a full transcript of an interview with head coach Jim Mora. According to Mora, the team will interview Michael Crabtree (WR, Texas Tech) tonight.

Crabtree himself talks to the press and discusses his decision to turn pro after just two years with the Red Raiders. There wasn't really anything for him to prove in Texas after winning consecutive Biletnikoff Awards.

Tom Kowalski, a Lions beat reporter, believes Detroit will likely choose between Jason Smith (OT, Baylor) and Aaron Curry (LB, Wake Forest) with the first overall pick. I would have to disagree, it's almost a shoe in that Matt Stafford is taken with the first pick.

Chris 'Beanie' Wells (RB, Ohio State) speaks to the NFL Network. Wells has a vibrant personality and always comes across well in his interviews. If he can eliminate fears about his durability he could be a surprise top ten pick.

Also from the NFL Network - a panel including former Buccs coach John Gruden discuss their favourite wide receivers and running backs. Regarding the backs, Knowshon Moren (RB, Georgia) weighed in at an impressive 217 lbs. If he can run a quick 40 yard dash time he's another prospect whose stock could dramatically improve.

Jeff Richards looks at the performances so far of the offensive tackles. He thinks Jason Smith put in the most impressive display.

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