Sunday, 8 February 2009

Pro Bowl mock drafts

Matt McGuire has a two round mock draft. Michael Crabtree (WR, Texas Tech) is taken by the Seahawks in round one, with USC linebacker Clay Matthews the second round pick. McGuire suggests that if cap room is tight Seattle may be forced to use the draft to replace Leroy Hill.

Draft Tek and their sophisticated software have predicted a new mock draft. The Seahawks take Michael Crabtree in the first round, Pittsburgh running back LeSean McCoy in the second and Jonathan Luigs (OC, Arkansas) in the third.

Saturdays2Sundays think the Kansas City Chiefs will take Michael Crabtree, much to Seattle's disappointment. They think he's the "obvious" pick for the Seahawks but will be forced to look elsewhere - like Wake Forest linebacker Aaron Curry.

Dr. U thinks the Seahawks are so determined to grab a new receiver that they'll turn their attentions to Jeremy Maclin (WR, Missouri) if Michael Crabtree isn't on the board.

It's always good to see what fans from other team's think about the draft. Here's some mocks from a Detroit, Philadelphia and New England perspective: Sidelion Report, Inside the Eagles & New England Sports 24/7.


Lisboa (Brazil) said...

I guess it`s a strong possibility the Chiefs are going to draft Crabtree. With Todd Haley as their head coach, I think he would lobby for a similar offense as he had with the Cardinals. I don`t think they are going to draft a QB, Haley could convince Kurt Warner to joy him in Kansas, or maybe Scott Pioli trades their second rounder for Matt Cassel, the guy he drafted.

D. Bowe + Crabtree + Mark Bradley (with Warner or Cassel as QB) could a pretty good imitation of Larry Fitz + Boldin + Breaston. If they are able to retain Tony Gonzales, Haley could have a better offense than he had while in Arizona.

I'm going to cheer against it, but makes sense...

Chris (Seattle) said...

Rob, with as many holes as the hawks have (WR, Interior OL, Safety), why do so many drafts have us taking a LB with one of our top 2 picks to replace Hill (Curry, Matthews in the latest mocks)? We already have Lofa and Peterson, and a veteran in DD Lewis whom is a solid player who would be serviceable at far less cost. I just don't understand the "need" for a 3rd pro bowl linebacker over the positions mentioned above. Plus, if Walter is able to come back, I can't see them taking any of the Tackles either, given all the money we have invested in Locklear, Jones, and still have Ray Willis on the roster. Guess I'm simply not happy with anyone but Crabtree with our first pick and an interior OL or Safety with second pick.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more with Chris. Letting Hill leave and then paying more to replace him with Curry makes absolutely no sense to me. There is no way a combination of Hill and the 4th overall pick (not a LB) has this team worse off than Curry. If the Chiefs or Rams grab Crabtree I have a feeling Ruskell will be desperate to trade back.

As for safety, I saw it mentioned on Seahawk Addicts but I would be all for them bringing in Michael Huff if he is released by the Raiders and the price is right.

Rob Staton said...

Hi Chris,

I think other blogs and pundits who don't follow the Seahawks as much as we do just look at the fact Leroy Hill is a free agent... then put 2 + 2 together and get 5. It makes virtually no sense to allow Hill to leave when he would earn about $8m on the franchise tag, only to bring in an unproven rookie on $10m a year.

The Chiefs could take Crabtree, if they are confident in Tyler Thigpen as a franchise QB then what better way to help his production than give him Crabtree, Bowe and Gonzalez to throw to? They may even be more tempted to get Crabtree is they trade Gonzalez - those rumours are picking up again.

Anonymous said...

I am hoping Pioli sticks with his Patriots roots and goes either DL or LB or DE/LB hybrid. If I'm not mistaken, the highest NWE ever drafted a WR in recent years was Chad Jackson (2nd round) and perhaps the outcome of that pick scares Pioli away. Wishful thinking maybe.