Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Rob Rang's updated mock draft

With the scouting combine starting tomorrow NFL Draft Scout's Rob Rang has published his latest mock draft. There's a few significant changes especially regarding the Seahawks, who now select Michael Crabtree (WR, Texas Tech) with the fourth overall pick. Rang had previously predicted the Seahawks could take Malcolm Jenkins (CB, Ohio State) and Jason Smith (OT, Baylor).


Kurt said...

This is one of the best mocks I've seen yet. Every pick makes sense for every team, both in terms of need and GM tendencies.

I still think Laurinaitis is hugely overrated, though. I don't see how anyone thinks he can play inside LB in the NFL. Even some Ohio State fans I know don't understand the attention he's getting.

Anonymous said...

Funny, Rang had the Seahawks taking Crabtree, then he went to Jenkins, now he went back to Crabtree. I wonder what's going on.

Rob Staton said...

Rob Rang's mock drafts at this point are mainly discussing various scenarios that could happen. In his last mock before this (where the Seahawks took Jenkins) he introduced the mock by discussing the possibility of Beanie Wells being taken higher than expected, and had him amongst the top 10 picks. Today he has discussed the possibility of the CB's and linebackers dropping down the board - so Jenkins drops a few spaces as does Aaron Curry, leaving Seattle to pick Crabtree.

The combine will be a big test for Michael Crabtree. He's not doing all the drill's, but he will likely sit through interviews with the top teams. Seattle will give him a good grilling and they'll want to hear the right things. Even so, when talking about the draft towards the back end of the season, Rob Rang said the Seahawks wouldn't be able to pass on Crabtree if he fell to them. That more than anything was a strong indication of what Rang felt could happen in the 09 draft.