Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Crabtree: "I might not run at Pro-day"

Michael Crabtree just spoke live to the NFL Network and added another twist to the ongoing saga of his fractured metatarsal. The big headline is - he might have surgery now and not run at his pro day. Mike Mayock told him very bluntly not to run and just get the surgery because he has nothing to prove. Deion Sanders, someone who has been working closely with Crabtree over the last few weeks, seconded the motion.

"He will not run if I have anything to do with it" - Deion Sanders

This could be a big U-turn from the Texas Tech receiver. Over the weekend Crabtree held a short press conference saying he would definitely run. He's clearly been told, possibly by NFL teams, to get the surgery done and dusted. He's determined to prove his speed to scouts but the most important thing is to get the surgery out of the way and be ready for post-draft camps.


Anonymous said...

I really respect what Mike Mayock has to say and I think he is right on with Crabtree just getting the surgery done now. I think that would better the chance of the Hawks drafting him and I really don't care about his 40 time. Game speed for 4 quarters is much different than running in shorts in optimum conditions during the combine.

Same goes for Knowshon Moreno. He may have not run the fastest 40, but he is a gamer and plays at the same speed for 4 quarters.

After watching a lot of Moreno and Crabtree, I have no doubt these guys will excel in the NFL despite what any stop watch says. Lofa seems to be doing just fine despite being undersized and running an awful 40 time.

Mike said...

Hey Rob,

I just posted this over at Seahawk Addicts, but would love your thoughts:

I think getting the surgery now (and let him develop chemistry with a QB right away) is best and I still want to see us draft Crabtree. He seems to me to be the guy with the most superstar potential and gives us a playmaker who could score on any play and bolsters a receiving core that was a huge weakness last year.

I also don't think any of the other potential top 5 picks make much sense:

Stafford/Sanchez - not sold on either of these guys being a franchise QB. Would prefer the Hawks to take a flier on a QB in a later round.

Monroe/J. Smith - Our O-line clearly needs to be upgraded this year, but i think it is the interior of the line that has a more urgent need. Wouldn't like the idea of leaving one of these guys at G for a few years, and none of the G or C are worth taking at 4.

Curry - he likely wouldn't start ahead of Tatupu, Hill, or Peterson and thus wouldn't be worth the investment. Plus I think he'll be gone by 4.

Jenkins - too slow, possible project safety, too much invested at the position, and think we have adequate talent at CB if we can upgrade the pass rush.

Raji - character problems and only a one year producer. Not a Ruskell guy.

Orakpo - some size concerns, looks more like a mid-first round guy.

Moreno/Wells - An upgrade at RB would be great, but seems like the hawks are of the philosophy that we can plug guys like JJ and TJD into our new blocking scheme and be successful.

By the way, I love what you've done with the Blog. Your coverage is amazing and I enjoy checking it often.


Rob Staton said...

Thanks Mike, I'm glad you enjoy the blog and I hope you'll keep visiting.

Annonymous: You make some very valid points. Speed isn't everything. I watch Knowshon Moreno for Georgia and I want him on my football team. He looked a lot heavier at the combine, I just wonder if he's tried to bulk up too much. He was never a burner, but you wouldn't draft him to fly passed everyone ala Chris Johnson. Same goes for Michael Crabtree. They are playmakers.

Mike: I totally agree with you on Crabtree's surgery. He needs to get it out of the way. I don't care if he runs a 4.3 or a 4.7. The guy can play. It's more important to get healthy and get into camp with whichever team drafts him. He fits the bill of an 'impact' player who can give the offense some identity.

I also agree regarding the O Line. I'm not ready to give up on Walter Jones as long as he returns from microfracture surgery. The interior is the area that needs improvement and I don't like the idea of taking a Jason Smith or Eugene Monroe to play guard. I think if you take one of those guys, they have to play LT. If not immediately, then very soon (2010 by the latest).

I agree with most of everything else you say. The one area I differ slightly is I would be prepared for the team to take a quarter back. It's such an important position and whenever you get a chance to get a talented signal caller you have to consider it. I rate Matt Stafford very highly, I also see qualities in Mark Sanchez. But it would certainly cause a stir in the team if they selected a QB. It'd all but say Matt Hasselbeck is finished in Seattle. You don't draft a QB 4th overall to sit for 2-3 years.