Thursday, 26 February 2009

Q&A with Chris Steuber

I recently participated in another Q&A with Chris Steuber from I had a chance to ask Chris some questions, including whether he still thinks the Seahawks will target Michael Crabtree.

"If you're asking me if Michael Crabtree is still worthy of a top-five pick, even though he has a stress fracture on the side of his foot - the answer is YES! Personally, if I was advising Crabtree, I'd tell him to have the surgery today and rest up. Teams already know what he can do, and running a 40 won't change the perception of him at all; unless he runs a low 4.4, which I highly doubt. He's a mid-4.5 guy. The Seahawks need WR help and if he's on the board, he will be very tempting. It will probably come down to Crabtree or B.J. Raji." - Chris Steuber

To see more highlights from the Q&A, click here.

On Malcolm Jenkins' speed issues:

"It means that teams will probably view him as a tweener, a guy who can move to free safety and use his physicality and playmaking skills to their highest level. I actually think this is a good thing for Jenkins. He's a strong defender and moving to free safety wouldn't be the worst thing in the world for him. I think he could be a CB at the next level, but his ball skills and ability to anticipate make him perfect at FS. He's still a top-ten prospect, but if he falls; he won't fall past the Texans at No. 15." - Chris Steuber

On Andre Smith:

"Andre Smith is still a talented player; he's a bit immature and lacks commitment to the game, but you can't deny his talent. Even though he wasn't prepared for the biggest job interview of his career, he still has a Pro Day to prepare for and redeem himself. If he performs well and gets into shape for his Pro Day, I don't think his stock will drop too much. With all the stuff that happened in Indianapolis, I just don't see a talent like Smith falling out of the top-15." - Chris Steuber

On which prospect might rise up the board on draft day:

"I'm starting to get the feeling that Kansas State QB Josh Freeman will be a first rounder. I don't think he's worthy of a first round pick, but I didn't think Jason Campbell was either in 2005. If the Lions decide to select an OT with the first pick, don't be surprised if they reach for Freeman at No. 20." - Chris Steuber

On which prospect might fall:

"The obvious answer is one of the quarterbacks, but I'll go in a different direction. I've been hearing a lot of discussion about Rey Maualuga possibly falling in the draft. There are teams that like him, but NFL scouts are more intrigued with Maualuga's USC teammates, Brian Cushing and Clay Matthews. Matthews has solidified himself as a first rounder and Cushing is one of the most complete LBs in the draft. I don't think Maualuga will free fall into the second round, but he could drop to the late-teens or early 20's." - Chris Steuber

On Beanie Wells and Knowshon Moreno (specifically, their disappointing 40 times):

"How many times in a game does a running back actually break off a 40-yard run? If they're lucky, it will happen once; if they're lucky. Don't worry about their track speed, it doesn't matter. Moreno has exceptional vision and cutback ability that makes him lethal. He will be just fine. Wells is fast enough to be a quality back at the next level. The only thing that worries me about Wells is his future durability. He's a big back and big backs fall hard." - Chris Steuber

On how B.J. Raji compares to top 10 picks from last year - Glenn Dorsey and Sedrick Ellis:

"I think he's just as good as those two. The biggest difference is his size. He's very quick off the line and gets good penetration. Raji stacks up very well with Ellis and Dorsey. If all three were available in the draft, I'd rank them like this: 1. Dorsey, 2. Raji, 3. Ellis." - Chris Steuber

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