Sunday, 22 February 2009

Running backs into the action

Much hilarity as the running backs are having their broad jumps measured. Chris Beanie Wells nearly cleared his big 235 lbs frame out of the measurement area... five times. Unfortunately none of the jumps counted - although Wells managed to maintain his trademark grin.

The first jump was the best, but Wells accidentally touched the guy taking the reading making it a 'no jump'. He then took four more attempts and failed to keep his footing. On the sixth go he finally nailed it with a 10 feet 7 inches mark - at least a couple of inches shorter than his first go. It was impressive for two reasons - not just the athletic ability of such a big guy but the way Wells maintained his sense of humour despite the obvious frustration. Throughout the entire combine process the Ohio State running back has shown he has a great character and he laughed with fellow prospects as he tried to get a measurement recorded.

The other RB vying to be the first taken at his position - Knowshon Moreno - looked pretty stacked after adding an extra 10 lbs of bulk for the combine (see picture above). He's certainly showing that extra weight and recorded a 10 feet 2 inches jump.