Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Rob Rang's latest mock draft

Rob Rang from NFL Draft Scout updated his mock draft today with a few changes. The most noticeable is perhaps Chris 'Beanie' Wells shooting up the board to go fifth overall (Cleveland). Wells is an Ohio native and would be something of a local hero - the Browns also need to upgrade at running back. But it'd be a big investment in a prospect who to date has not shown an ability to stay healthy. Rang also lists his risers and fallers with a particularly interesting piece on why Brian Cushing's stock might be falling.


Scotia Seahawk said...

Is it just me or has Rob Rang really put on the beef..

Louis said...

I dont see why Rob Rang still thinks that we will pick Michael Jenkins with our 4th overall pick. We have invested high draft picks on Wilson and Jennings and to pick Jenkins would mean giving up on those other 2. I think that we need a playmaker on offense, either Michael Crabtree or if we dont get him then we trade up from our 2nd round pick to grab Moreno. THose 2 are absolute beasts and would help us get back to the superbowl. GO HAWKS!

Rob Staton said...

Hi Louis,

I think Rob Rang's early mocks are more about taking into consideration what 'could' happen as opposed to what Rob will actually predict closer to the draft. That's why Beanie Wells has suddenly flown up the board and why Crabtree is being showed to take a slight drop.

I too would be very suprised if we took Jenkins. Not just because, as you say, it would essentially mean the end of Jennings and/or Wilson in Seattle but also because Jenkins in my opinion is going to need to change his position in the NFL. He is just too much of a liability against any receiver with moderate speed and his skill set works out much better at safety. It's a high pick and a lot of money to find out if he can make the transition.