Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Rob Rang & Chad Reuter - updated mocks

NFL Draft Scout's Rob Rang and Chad Reuter both published new mock drafts today. With the combine complete, it's interesting to see which direction they think Seattle will go. Rang (who has a proven track record for accurately guessing Seattle's picks) still thinks the Seahawks will take Michael Crabtree. After having the Seahawks select Jason Smith with his first mock and a combination of Crabtree and Malcolm Jenkins since, he has settled on Crabtree recently.

"Seattle has holes on both sides of the ball, but none more pressing than a lack of playmakers. There isn't a more dominant playmaker in the draft than Crabtree - whose 41 career receiving touchdowns were largely responsible for his being the only two-time winner of the Biletnikoff award." - Rob Rang

Reuter holds a different opinion. He thinks Seattle's priority will be to find a long term replacement for Walter Jones and predicts the Seahawks will take Eugene Monroe. Reuter originally had the 'Hawks taking Michael Crabtree, but has more recently suggested Malcolm Jenkins and now Monroe.

"Walter Jones had microfracture surgery in December and is heading into his 13th season. Monroe's a very good player who could play on the right side if Jones returns for training camp. Michael Crabtree is another potential choice who fills Seattle's need for a playmaker on offense." - Chad Reuter

Personally, I would be surprised if Seattle took Monroe with the idea of playing him at right tackle. The team gave Sean Locklear a big contract last year with incentives to play on the left side, which suggests they view him as a potential replacement for Jones. Nothing is set in stone but with the Seahawks switching to a zone blocking scheme, having so much money tied up at offensive tackle seems unrealistic. If Jones' recovery takes a setback however, the team may have to seriously consider the position in the draft.

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