Sunday, 22 February 2009

The Crabtree saga continues

Michael Crabtree held a bizarre press conference today to discuss the injury (again). In this very brief statement he simply says he's had the injury for a while and that he'll run at his pro day. He was introduced onto the podium like a foreign dignitary visiting the White House. Crabtree seems to have a large entourage following him round but you just wonder who is actually advising him when things like this happen. All this saga could have been addressed in one simple press conference or statement. Instead it's been dragged out in a will-he-won't-he style regarding surgery. His production justifies his rank amongst the elite prospects but he's had a weekend to forget in Indianapolis.

Thanks to Danny O'Neil at the Seattle Times for the footage.


Anonymous said...

This is just bizarre. Hearing that a guy travels with a large posse (ie. hangers-on), is never a good thing in my opinion. If the Hawks pass on him I really have no clue what they do at #4 and I don't think trading down will be an option. I find it upsetting that there is not a dominant 4-3 defensive end worthy of the 4 pick in this years draft.

googler said...