Thursday, 12 February 2009

Thursday links

Charean Williams at the Star-Telegram reports that Michael Crabtree is working with four time Olympic gold medalist Michael Johnson. Williams also believes Crabtree won't run the 40 at next week's combine, with his ankle only 85-90% healed. Thanks to Aaron Weinburg at Next Season Sports for this link.

Calvin Watkins also reports on Crabtree's health and writes that the Texas Tech receiver has signed with agent Eugene Parker, who also looks after Dallas running back Felix Jones.

Danny O'Neil looks at first round trends in the NFL since the turn of the century. He reveals the popularity of quarter backs and offensive tackles amongst the top five picks. Wide receivers were the most frequent position drafted in the first round overall.

Walter Cherepinsky discusses the Seahawks in his latest mailbag session. He receives a question doubting whether Seattle will take an offensive tackle this year. Cherepinsky argues that GM Tim Ruskell may have been trying to deceive rivals when he said the team would rather not take an offensive linemen fourth overall.


Chris (Seattle) said...

They officially announced today that Crabtree won't run the 40 at the combine. I'm actually a little happy about this. This could be the small red flag necessary to drop him to us at 4.

Aaron Weinberg said...

I've already order my custom Crabtree jersey

Misfit said...

It would be sweet. If not, maybe I have to get a Mebane.