Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Tuesday links - combine complete

The combine is over for another year and it's time to look ahead to free agency (which begins on Friday). Teams will have a better idea of the direction they want to go in the draft and therefore, which holes they need to fill with free agents. Here's some links to run through but we'll have lots more reaction to the combine over the next couple of days.

NFL.com lists all the statistics from the combine, including a full list of 40 yard dash times, bench press reps etc. The NFL Network panel also review how the defensive backs performed today and which prospect represents good value.

Mike Sando looks at Cardinals defensive back Antrel Rolle. He was drafted eighth overall and paid to be an elite corner back, but then moved to safety. Malcolm Jenkins is facing a similar situation after running a poor time in today's 40 yard dash.

Tony Pauline has more on Jenkins' disappointing 40 yard dash. This could help Vontae Davis (CB, Illinois) who ran in the high 4.4's and may now go before Jenkins in the draft. A team like Oakland might be interested in either prospect, Al Davis has a tradition of taking defensive backs early. He also spent a lot on DeAngelo Hall last year trying to find a partner for Nnamdi Asomugha.

Mel Kiper and Todd McShay talk combine in their latest podcast. Things get a little heated when Mel and Todd disagree about who goes first overall to Detroit (approximately 20 minutes in). Definitely worth a listen if you like a good argument.

McShay was also impressed with the defensive prospects who worked out on Monday. In particular, Wake Forest's Aaron Curry who seemed to do everything right - in interviews and work outs.

Aaron Weinburg says Michael Crabtree's giant wingspan more than makes up for only measuring 6'1" in height. Crabtree has longer arms than both Calvin Johnson and Brandon Marshall.

Here's a profile review I wrote about Michael Crabtree for Football Diner. I'll be covering some other prospects over the next few weeks, including Knowshon Moreno and Malcolm Jenkins.


Chris said...

did we ever get Crabtree's vertical jump. Seems like that might be equally important in determining his relative size as a receiving threat, especially in the endzone where we lack the relative size other teams have. I bet you his vertical is also off the charts from watching his game film.

Rob Staton said...

Crabtree didn't participate in the vertical jump and was only really at the combine to meet with teams and go through the interview stage. As you say Chris, I think he'd record a great vertical. He's tall, athletic with great reach so there's no reason why he wouldn't.