Saturday, 28 February 2009

Rob Rang's 'no first rounders' team

Rob Rang from NFL Draft Scout has compiled a team of prospects who are slated to be taken outside of the first round. It's an interesting read, mainly to see what kind of under rated prospects can be found later on at certain positions. The list contains guys who aren't on the national radar, or simply come from smaller schools. There are a few familiar names, such as Patrick Chung (S, Oregon), Paul Kruger (DE, Utah), Andy Levitre (G, Oregon State) and Jamon Meredith (OT, South Carolina).


Anonymous said...

I've been saying Jamon Meredith for quite some time now. The guy looked awesome at the combine and has a ton of experience all over the line. Talk about value. You can get him in the second round and plug him in anywhere (sans center) and he can be more than adequate if Walt goes down. Not to mention, his athleticism makes him an ideal fit in the ZBS.

This would allow us to take a play maker at #4 without neglecting holes on the line. In addition, the money for Meredith makes more sense considering the the large amount of money already invested at Offensive Tackle.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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