Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Crabtree, Cushing & Mayock on NFL Network

The NFL is picking up it's draft coverage with just over a week to go until the scouting combine (18-24th February). Michael Crabtree (WR, Texas Tech) and Brian Cushing (LB, USC) recently recorded this segment for the NFL Network highlighting their preparations for Indianapolis. Mike Mayock has also begun his annual review of the prospects, starting with a run down of his top five quarter backs. He ranks Matt Stafford (Georgia) ahead of both Mark Sanchez (USC) and Josh Freeman (Kansas State).


Chris (Seattle) said...

Love to see Jerry Rice and Primetime working with Crabtree. You couldn't ask for two better people to mentor him. Rice worked with Desean Jackson (someone I was praying the hawks would take cause we needed a playmaker last year too), and Jackson had a great rookie season. Rice and Sanders will not settle for anything less than 100% effort and focus when training Crabtree; this just furthers my positive opinion of him. Don't want him to get too popular though, otherwise he may not make it to the 4th pick. Almost hoping he runs a slow 40 or something just so he drops to us.

Rob Staton said...

Crabtree will only learn positive things from Jerry Rice. I'm not sure how physically able to practise he was in that video clip, it seems nobody really knows how healthy that ankle is. I suppose you could argue, Crabtree's stock is so high why would he strain too much ahead of the combine? Better to stay rested. Brian Cushing on the other hand (seen working out) knows he could go anywhere from 10-20 in the first round to possibly the same position in the second.