Thursday, 26 February 2009

Kiper vs McShay: Round Two

On Tuesday I linked to an amusing podcast that basically saw ESPN's draft duo Todd McShay and Mel Kiper re-create a scene from Tyson vs Holyfield. Today - they're at it again. Even though it's not specifically related to the Seattle Seahawks, I had to post this video for entertainment value. I look forward to round three of this heavyweight bout later in the week.


Anonymous said...

Mel Kiper's Hair 1, McShay 0.....I could watch these two guys fight all day. BTW, McShay folds like origami.

Louis The Great King said...

Dude Kiper's arguments make almost no sense.

McShay 1, Kiper 0

Rob Staton said...

Perhaps for the next poll we should debate 'who is winning in McShay vs Kiper'?

The ironic things is - after this argument they go on to discuss Mel's big board and Todd's mock draft. McShay has Matt Stafford going first overall anyway!

Mind of no mind said...

Those guys crack me up. I havn't watched these guys every year, but this reminds me a lot of last year when Kiper had Vernon Gholston as one of the top players in the draft and thought McShay was nuts for having him listed around #13. And I think they had a very similar argument where McShay said he thought Gholston had a high chance of being a bust, and Kiper argued something like that if he thinks he's likely to be a bust, he shouldnt even list him in the first round.

Although, I still kind of like the idea of drafting Stafford if he's still on the board at #4 and Crabtree isn't. A couple years of sitting behind Hass could really help his chances of success in the NFL.

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