Friday, 20 February 2009

On the road...

I'm currently on the road traveling to report on a different kind of football (English soccer), so won't be able to update the blog today. I'll be back on Saturday for extensive coverage on the combine, including news of those all important 40 yard dash times.


Tampa Curt said...

Rob, what football (soccer) team are you reporting on?

Lisboa (Brazil) said...

Rob, how the foot injury impact the draft stock of Crabtree?

Should we rule out him in Seahawks blue?

I'm an Arsenal fan in England, thanks to Bergkamp and Nick Hornby. ;)

Rob Staton said...

Hi guys,

I've finally arrived home after the best part of nine hours driving. I was reporting on a game in Wales which is a significant distance from where I am based. I was reporting on an English Championship game for the BBC which is the league below the English Premiership.

I've just found out about Crabtree and will have some further analysis on it in a seperate article.