Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Tuesday links

Todd McShay and Mel Kiper recorded this podcast for ESPN radio. Amongst the topics discussed - the disappointing senior turn out in Mobile, the Stafford v Sanchez debate, defensive end prospect review, the USC linebackers, how the wide receivers grade out, who they prefer between Wells & Moreno and which prospect is the most difficult to get a read on.

McShay also posts his latest mock draft. He has Seattle passing on Michael Crabtree and the bulk of the tackle class to select B.J. Raji (DT, Boston College). We discussed reasons why the Seahawks might not consider Raji here.

Aaron Weinburg at Next Season Sports continues his Interblog mock draft with recent additions from Buffalo, Denver and Washington. I was asked to add some input into the Seahawks pick and we decided to go with Andre Smith (OT, Alabama).

Chris Sullivan reports on potential salary cap trouble for the Seahawks. If they can't afford to re-sign some of their free agents, or fit other holes in free agency - this could affect how Seattle drafts.

Matt McGuire has updated his big board with a few surprises. He ranks Knowshon Moreno second on his list behind fellow Bulldog Matt Stafford. McGuire says Moreno deserves an elite ranking in this draft class.

Walter Cherepinsky has a new mock draft out. He thinks Seattle will select Eugene Monroe (OT, Virginia) with the fourth pick. Matt Stafford goes first overall, with Michael Crabtree and Mark Sanchez filling out the top three.

If you want to see what fans of other teams are predicting check out these blogs' mock drafts. NE Patriots Draft, The Phinsider, Bronco Madness, Cowboys Pride, Arrowhead Addict, Pewter Plank, Dawg Pound Daily, Black and Teal, Inside the Eagles.


Anonymous said...

Is it me or is Matt Maguire just "off" on his evaluations? Wells at #3? How can you put a guy at #3 when he plays with no heart and has questions about his passion for the game? How can he argue that Crabtree lacks route running ability, when every other expert raves about it? Sure he might not have run NFL routes, but he ran his routes with great precision. On top of that he questions his intelligence. Every coach at Tech and every other expert, once again, says his football intelligence is superb. Then he says he doesn't see the inconsistency with Michael Oher, yet everybody else questions it. Then he ranks Vontae Davis higher than Jenkins and questions his work ethic. How does this even make sense? I don't think anybody that is successful in the NFL just shows up and dominates without putting in hard work. How can you not factor in work ethic or passion as to who will succeed?

Is this his way of him trying to get more internet hits or to stand out? I respect everyone's opinion but his explanations seem to be the exact opposite of everybody else.

Rob Staton said...

I agree on the big board, I found some of the rankings (namely the ones you have already listed) particularly suprising.

Anonymous said...

Okay, just making sure I wasn't the only one scratching my head. Didn't want to sound harsh but I think he is over playing physical attributes and downplaying intangibles. I see just as many Zach Thomas (not the best measurables) succeeding as I see Ryan Leafs (great tools, not the greatest work ethic) failing. Obviously the draft is a crap shoot and nobody can predict who succeeds and who fails, but I will put my money on the guy with work ethic and intelligence over the guy with the tools but nothing between the ears.

Kurt said...

That, and I'm pretty sure "consensusly" is not a word.