Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Aaron Curry's post-pick interview

I've not seen this interview anywhere else so I wanted to put it out there. Immediately after being taken fourth overall by Seattle, Aaron Curry talked to the media. There were a few interesting things mentioned. Firstly, it was well reported that the Seahawks had arranged a private work out with the Wake Forest linebacker. However, the team cancelled this meeting after Curry's pro-day, clearly satisfied with what they saw. In fact, Curry had never been to Seattle until his recent unveiling as the team's latest first round pick.

When asked where he wants to play, he was very forthright - SAM linebacker, replacing the hole left by Julian Peterson. He was also complimentary to the teams uniforms, if a little indifferent to the ghastly lime green cap used by the NFL this year for Seattle's picks.

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Wes said...

yea i agree about that hat. if the hawks add those disgusting green jerseys the only time the national media will ever mention the hawks will be to ream on those jerseys.