Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Rob Rang on the Seahawks' draft plans

In the final few days leading up to the draft, we've been talking about the three prospects likely to be in the thoughts of Tim Ruskell and his front office in Seattle. Today, Rob Rang offers some similar views on who the Seahawks will target fourth overall and like me he believes it'll come down to Aaron Curry, Mark Sanchez and Michael Crabtree.

If the Seahawks are looking for a safe pick in line with Ruskell's previous history of high round draft picks, Rang believes Aaron Curry will be the choice.

"If Tim Ruskell sticks with his own history of selecting high character, four year starters from BCS conferences, Curry is the pick. Certainly Curry is a need, considering the trade of Julian Peterson and Curry's strengths make him a perfect fit for the OLB position in the 4-3 scheme."

Rang currently has Curry going fourth overall to the Seahawks in his latest mock draft. But up until recently, he'd been placing Mark Sanchez to the North West. Is he still an option?

"Matt Hasselbeck, soon to be 34 and having made all 16 regular season starts only three times in his seven years in Seattle, remains a great player and the face of the franchise, but Sanchez is viewed by many throughout the league as a franchise caliber quarterback."

But what about Michael Crabtree? I have him going fourth overall in my latest mock draft published today, whilst Mike Sando also placed him with the Seahawks in ESPN's inter-blog mock draft.

"Disregard that the Seahawks signed TJ Houshmandzadeh via free agency. At 32 years old, he is not being viewed as a longterm solution to Seattle's needs. The dynamic Crabtree, who many scouts believe will be the best player from this draft three years from now, is absolutely in play."

It come easily come down to these three prospects on Saturday. Who will the Seahawks choose?


Bruce M. said...

Rob Rang seems to have stripped the link to the Clark Judge article from his piece. Can you provide it?

I agree with Rob on the tackles. Ruskell thinks Locklear/Willis will be sufficient if Walter is gone.

Rob Staton said...

No problem Bruce, here's the link:

click here