Friday, 17 April 2009

All the latest mock drafts

Today has officially been mock draft Friday. Every time I've updated the 'Friday links' article below, I've spotted a new mock draft. I've decided to group all of the latest expert mocks to get them all in one place. As always, if you have any thoughts click the comments section at the bottom of the article or email:

Rick Gosselin published his second mock draft today. He's ranked number one in the Huddle Report's mock draft rankings between 2006-2008. His first mock, published last week, had Seattle taking Michael Crabtree. His second prediction has the Seahawks taking Mark Sanchez - a popular pick amongst pundits right now.

Clark Judge is ranked number two in the Huddle Report's rankings. He's had the Seahawks down to draft Michael Crabtree from day one and he stands by that selection with his latest mock published today.

Michael Lombardi thinks the Seahawks will take Mark Sanchez. "Too much value to pass for Seattle. The Seahawks can groom him for the future and make sure the franchise never has another downturn."

Don Banks also says Sanchez to Seattle. "I like the Seahawks being willing to take the bold move of drafting Matt Hasselbeck's eventual replacement. Better to do it a year too soon, when you have a No. 4 overall pick, than a year too late. It's a great spot for Sanchez, who's a junior and can use a year or two of tutoring from Hasselbeck, just as Hasselbeck once learned from Brett Favre and Trent Dilfer."

Pete Prisco thinks the Seahawks take Michael Crabtree. "They realize they can get by for a few more years with Matt Hasselbeck, so they pass on a quarterback and take Crabtree."

Charley Casserley who previously suggested the Seahawks might take Chris 'Beanie' Wells fourth overall, today changes that prediction and goes with Mark Sanchez over Crabtree and Aaron Curry.

Todd McShay has been quoting a 'very reliable source' over the last couple of days that leads him to believe the Seahawks will take Mark Sanchez. "The Seahawks are clearly looking for the heir apparent to current starter Matt Hasselbeck, who has dealt with nagging injuries recently but likely has two or three more years in him."

Steve Wyche has the Seahawks passing on Mark Sanchez and Michael Crabtree to take Eugene Monroe. "If Monroe is still on the board, he's a perfect fit, especially with perennial Pro Bowl left tackle Walter Jones still recovering from microfracture surgery on his knee."

Rob Rang was the original expert to predict Sanchez to Seattle. His last four mock's have had the Trojan being taken fourth overall - long before the bandwagon started rolling for that particular point of view.

Chad Reuter posted a new three round mock draft earlier this week. He has the Seahawks taking: Michael Crabtree (WR) R1, Connor Barwin (DE) R2 and Keenan Lewis (CB) R3.

Finally - check out my updated two round mock draft from this week. Also, why not try the draft podcast I recorded with Chris Sullivan and Michael Steffes from Seahawk Addicts.


Michael Steffes said...


Have you seen this one? It will make you smile...

Rob Staton said...

It did make me smile, but they changed their pick to Mark Sanchez today. Talk about bandwagon's!

Mind of no mind said...

I noticed Rick Gosselin has all 3 1st round QBs going to the NFC West. With the Rams taking Stafford, Seahawks taking Sanchez and 49ers taking Freeman. I think that would be pretty cool if it actually happend, and I think the Seahawks would come out on top in that senario.

Who do you think wins in the end if that happens, Rob? Cardinals? LOL