Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Rob Rang's latest two-round mock draft

With the draft just over ten days away Rob Rang has published an updated mock draft for CBS Sportsline - with one prospect tumbling down the board. In mocks between 11th-30th March, Rang had the Seahawks pencilled in to take Wake Forest linebacker Aaron Curry. However, in his latest prediction, Curry falls all the way to the Jacksonville Jaguars eighth overall.

"Only one linebacker has been selected higher than the ninth pick since the 2000 draft, and A.J. Hawk, the fifth pick of the 2006 draft, hasn't exactly torn up the up league. Curry is safe, but the relative lack of value of the linebacker position could push him down the board and into the hands of a team sorely needing defensive playmakers." - Rob Rang

Interesting. Curry is perceived by many to be the draft's number one prospect. I like to refer to him as possibly the 'safest'. I'm not sure he's going to have a greater impact than some of the other prospects near the top of round one, but he offers relatively little risk. The Seahawks continue to have Mark Sanchez slated for the number four overall pick, the third mock in succession Rang has gone in that direction. That could be telling - he has a proven track record of correctly guessing Tim Ruskell's thinking. A second round has also been added, with the Seahawks selecting Ohio State receiver Brian Robiskie 37th overall.


Bruce M. said...

Rang has Robiskie going to the Hawks one pick before Mack. I hope to heck that does not happen.

Michael said...

I love Rang's mock!

I can actually foresee Seattle taking Offense for all but the 4th and 7th rounds.

Robiskie: 6'3 (legit), 4.48, 210 lbs, soft hands, great route runner, great character, passion for game.

I'd take Robiskie over Crabtree any day. Ask yourself, 'what would Robiskie done in Texas Tech's system'?

Rob Staton said...

No doubt Robiskie would have had a much more productive career for Texas Tech compared to the poor-passing offense he played in at OSU. Having said that, in my opinion Crabtree is in a different class to Robiskie which is why he's predominantly a top five/ten pick and Robiskie is often seen in round two.

If Alex Mack is there in round two, I think you have to take him. But if Seattle don't take Crabtree, I would recommend getting a receiver fairly early elsewhere.

Michael said...

Crabtree stock takes another hit:


Rob Staton said...

It's just a chart from the same author that reported on Crabtree's possibly issues earlier this week. I wouldn't say his stock has taken another hit here, we don't learn anything new.