Friday, 24 April 2009

Draftmas eve mocks

We're likely to see a flurry of mock drafts today as the experts get their picks in before tomorrow's event. I'll keep adding to this article whenever I notice a new mock, so check back regularly. I will also be publishing my final mock draft later today.

Rob Rang has updated his mock draft and the Seahawks take Aaron Curry. "GM Tim Ruskell informed local media Friday that the team had narrowed its options to four players, though the front office hasn't yet agreed to their order. Those players are likely to include Curry, QB Mark Sanchez and WR Michael Crabtree. Ruskell's tendency toward high character seniors makes Curry the most logical fit, especially considering this year's high risk, low reward class."

Pete Prisco thinks Tim Ruskell will draft for the future and take Mark Sanchez. "Don't believe the talk. They need a quarterback for the future. If he's here, they take him."

Peter King is predicting Michael Crabtree will be the pick at #4. "Originally, I had Mark Sanchez here, but people I trust tell me it's down to Crabtree or Aaron Curry. The Seahawks' desire to get a field-stretching wideout to complement free agent signee T.J. Houshmandzadeh wins out."

Don Banks is another on the Mark Sanchez bandwagon. "Seattle says it's set with Matt Hasselbeck and isn't looking to take a quarterback in the first round. But I continue to think Sanchez will go in this slot, even if the Seahawks don't do the picking. Anyone out there understand my desire to be half-right rather than completely wrong?"

Chris Steuber publishes his final mock draft. He doesn't just think the Seahawks will take Mark Sanchez - he thinks he'll be starting by the end of the year. Even if the team draft the former Trojan, barring injury setbacks to both Matt Hasselbeck and Seneca Wallace, I would be surprised if Sanchez started at all in 2009.

Michael Lombardi thinks the Seahawks will take Andre Smith (OT, Alabama) with the fourth overall pick. I can't see this happening, it'd be a big surprise. Perhaps even more surprising is that Aaron Curry isn't in the top ten picks.

Clark Judge sticks by Michael Crabtree for Seattle. He's consistently championed the cause for this happening, but for the first time expresses some doubt by suggesting the Seahawks will take Aaron Curry if he's available.

Charley Casserley has a mock published by CBS Sportsline. He's another going with Texas Tech receiver Michael Crabtree. "Close call between Crabtree and Curry with Sanchez being a consideration. They will listen to trades."

Rick Gosselin is predicting that Aaron Curry will be the choice with the #4 pick. Gosselin is renowned for his accuracy in mock drafts and it could be telling that he and Rob Rang have both sided with Curry.


reng said...

But...Crabtree isn't a field stretching wideout. In fact, isn't he basically a younger T.J?

Rob Staton said...

I would disagree with that reng. I think he can stretch the field, although he's not a blazer. He has tremendous YAC ability which Houshmandzadeh hasn't got, and he explodes into his breaks which makes up for the lack of truly elite speed.

Curt said...

Could not agree more Rob. I see TJ as a #2 receiver and Crabs as a #1 receiver. Would love to see him holding up Seahawk jersey tomorrow. It will be a scary offense in the future.

Chris (Seattle) said...

Andre Smith to us with the 4th overall pick? Can't imagine why Lombardi is working for NFL Network now instead of an NFL front office.