Tuesday, 7 April 2009

NFL.com - On the beat mock draft

NFL.com is running a mock draft based on various beat writers and journalists making the picks for each franchise. They asked Tom Kowalski from MLive.com to make the first overall pick for Detroit. He's defiantly stated from day one that the Lions should draft a left tackle and he refuses to accept they could go quarter back. In this mock he has them selecting Jason Smith. This isn't going to happen in my opinion, I think it's a virtual lock that Detroit selects Matt Stafford. Nevertheless, how does this affect the Seahawks?

Let's look at the top five:

Detroit - Tom Kowalski MLive.com selects Jason Smith
St Louis - Howard Balzer The Sports Xchange selects Eugene Monroe
Kansas City - Al Wallace WDAF-TV selects Aaron Curry
Seattle - Steve Raible Seahawks Radio Network selects Matt Stafford
Cleveland - Mark Cabot Cleveland Plain Dealer selects Brian Orakpo

The chances of Matt Stafford falling to the Seahawks, as I said above, are very low in my opinion. The Detroit Lions have to get a franchise quarter back to build around for the future. They aren't a left tackle away from the playoffs, so they might as well take a QB and mould the team from there. Reports have suggested Stafford really impressed Jim Schwartz and his staff at a recent workout with the Lions. If I am wrong and Stafford does make it to number four, he could very easily be the pick. Tim Ruskell has shown he is prepared to draft quarter backs from Georgia (David Greene) and Stafford would offer the Seahawks a valuable long term franchise quarter back - even if the immediate expense would be very high.

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Anonymous said...

If we do draft a quarterback, in my opinion we should go with Sanchez. I just like his intangibles a lot more than Stafford. I understand Stafford has all the physical tools, but so did Ryan Leaf, what he lacked was the mental tools to succeed. I do not want to compare Leaf to Stafford, but just in my opinion I think Stafford is lacking in some of the intangibles. Also, with our ability to let Sanchez "redshirt" for a couple of years, we are taking away his worst asset, which is inexpierience.

germpod said...

I would be thrilled with either of them!

Anonymous said...

Raible just wants to keep using the name mathew when he refers to out quaterback

jjhsix said...

I agree with the first post. Sanchez is the best QB at throwing on the run I have seen in years. He has excellent pocket presence and feel, is more accurate than Stafford and has underrated arm strength in my opinion. I just feel he's safer than Stafford and I would rather go with the guy who might have a lower ceiling than a guy with a lower floor like Stafford.

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