Thursday, 23 April 2009

Seahawks on the clock

The key figures in Seattle's 2009 draft held a final press conference today, as final preparations are made ahead of this weekend. Eric Williams from the TNT has the details as Tim Ruskell, Ruston Webster and Jim Mora spoke openly about the draft.

Paul Silvi was also listening in to the conference and spoke to the NFL Network shortly after about the direction Seattle could go with the #4 pick. Silvi believes the Seahawks like what they see from Mark Sanchez, but ultimately will go with Michael Crabtree.


Anonymous said...

I'd be happy with Crabtree or Sanchez, but did Paul Silvi really say they believe Hasselbeck can play until he is 39? Umm, am I missing something here? Is this the same Hass who has missed significant time 2 of the past 3 years? Maybe EAS Myoplex is loaded with miracle medecine that not only cures old injuries but prevents new ones and reverses the aging process.

I am really hoping that they are not thinking at least 4-5 more years out of Hass Rob. I love Hass, but doesn't this seem to be way past wishful thinking?

Rob Staton said...

I would be surprised if any team in the NFL expects a quarter back to perform up until 39 years of age. Tim Ruskell has admitted the team are 'in the zone' for a QB and I wouldn't be surprised if they have a plan in place down the line even if they don't take Sanchez on Saturday.

I've said it a few times this week - the best teams address the problem before it arrives. Seattle has to do that sooner rather than later, but I don't think they will draft Mark Sanchez.

JoeG said...

Alright guys, this is how I see the draft going. Feel free to rip it apart and punch any holes you might find.

1. Matt Stafford... Detroit
This one's a no brainer. Lions get their guy.
2. Jason Smith... St. Louis
Again, a no brainer. Huge upside, and they need a replacement at LT now that Pace is gone.
3. Aaron Curry... Kansas City
KC will be doing everything they can to trade out of this pick, but no luck. Curry makes their LB corps rock solid.
4. Michael Crabtree... Seattle
I'm sure Ruskell has some character concerns, but the sheer talent is just too much to pass up.
5. Brian Orakpo... Cleveland
Cleveland gets a nasty pass rusher, a definate need for them.
6. Eugene Monroe... Cincinnati
I'm sure they're looking at both Smith and Monroe here, but with the crazy list of characters that they've brought in recently, they're going to go the safe route.
7. B.J. Raji... Oakland
Al Davis likes his linemen. Raji's the best available, and would be a great pick up for them.
8. Andre Smith... Jacksonville
Jacksonville goes with the top rated guy on their board. That happens to be Andre Smith.
9. Everette Brown... Green Bay
A little on the small side, but GB can use him as a OLB in their 3-4 alignment. Great pickup by them.
10. Mark Sanchez... San Francisco
SF's mouth is watering at the idea of being able to grab Sanchez without having to trade up. They get their new heir apparent at QB.
11. Rey Maualuga... Buffalo
Buffalo grabs the #1 LB on the board, and are thrilled about it. Now they're just hoping that he turns into the next Ray Lewis.
12. Ty Jackson... Denver
Defense, defense, defense. This end is big, nasty, and plays with a good motor. Fits like a gem in McDaniels new system.
13. Michael Oher... Washington
This pick makes so much sense. Snyder gets his flashy pick while filling a need at the same time. The book made him famous, and he should be a good if not great tackle for years.
14. Vontae Davis... New Orleans
Anyone who watched New Orleans knows that their corners got torched last year. Vontae gives them speed and size.
15. Malcolm Jenkins... Houston
Wanted Davis, but will go with their #2 rated corner. Probably projects more of a safety in the NFL, but both are areas of need for Houston.
16. Peria Jerry... San Diego
Their loss of Igor in the offseason allows them to go with a need and value pick here. Jerry will give them a nasty NT.
17. Josh Freeman... NY Jets
Jets get this monster of a QB. Anyone seriously think that they were sold on Kellen Clemens?
18. Brian Cushing... Denver
Denver grabs another defensive player, this time the number one OLB. Hard not to like this pick.
19. Brandon Pettigrew... Tampa Bay
Tampa would love this great tight end, and as a bonus, he's not a total headcase like Jerramy Stevens!
20. Alphonso Smith... Detroit
Detroit gets a good value here with Alphonso Smith. A top cornerback who slips due to his size.
21. Michael Johnson... Philadelphia
Philly goes and grabs Johnson, because they loved his production, size, and combine numbers. Plus, they could use a solid DE in the rough and tumble NFC East.
22. Jeremy Maclin... Minnesota
Again with a "Duh" pick. Great value here with Maclin. The Vikings get a KR/PR and a solid WR. Something they desperately need.
23. Knowshawn Moreno... New England
Suprising that he slips this far, and believe me, I'm not sure that he will, but if he does, they get a back that they desperately need.
24. Clay Matthews... Atlanta
Atlanta finds themselves with a blue collar, high motor, high character linebacker. After the Vick saga, that's exactly what they need.
25. Aaron Maybin... Miami
They could really use another DE to make everyone forget about Jason Taylor. Maybin would be a great value here.
26. Hakeem Nicks... Baltimore
Nicks is just what they need. A WR to stretch the field and give Joe Flacco a proven, consistent target.
27. Ziggy Hood... Indianapolis
Might be a bit of a reach here, but Hood would fit well in the Indy system, and give them a solid run stopper.
28. Eben Britton... Buffalo
Again with a "duh" pick. With the trading of Peters, Britton is the best OT on the board, has good size, and would've been a top 10 pick next year had he stayed in school.
29. Darius Butler... NY Giants
Butler is a top rated corner from a slightly smaller school. Great for the Giants in the event that they're able to complete the trade for Edwards or Boldin. Plus he's local.
30. Darius Heyward-Bey... Tennessee
DHB gives the Titans a solid, speedy WR, and will provide a great target for whoever in the hell is under center. Really stretches the field, and will compliment Bennett nicely.
31. Beanie Wells... Arizona
Again, hard to believe that he slips this far, but Zona isn't complaining. He immediately steps in and becomes their top flight RB.
32. Alex Mack... Pittsburg
Pittsburg needs linemen, Mack is the best out there. Intelligent Center from the Teford Cal system, and will be able to step in immediately.

Lisboa (Brazil) said...

Hi, Rob!

I was wondering: if we take Aaron Curry 4# overall, couldn't we work a trade of Leroy Hill with the Atlanta Falcons for their 25# pick?

The Falcons really need a strong side linebacker. After the Gonzales trade, they clearly are in a "win now" mind set. They could use a young veteran LB like Hill, who is on his prime. Plus, Leroy is from Atlanta. There's also the well documented Ruskell/Mora conection with the Falcons organization.

That's totally hiphotetical, but it's a trade that really make sense if we draft Curry. Maybe Moreno is still on the board at the 25#.

What do you think?

Chris (Seattle) said...

Well Rob, it's almost here. Tomorrow will be a long day at work, but can't wait for Saturday. To be honest, I'm almost a little concerned with all the Crabtree to Seattle talk heating up again. I feel that a lot of the talk before the draft is attempts at deception. But, I'm hoping it has some truth to it. The one that gave me the most hope that Crabtree will be the pick (if available), was the Seattle Times blog entry stating Mora had a "mancrush" on Crabtree after seeing film of his run-blocking. Let's hope he can talk Ruskell into taking him.

Mind of no mind said...

JoeG, the only hole I can punch in your mock is having Tampa Bay take Brandon Pettigrew, or any TE in the top half of the draft. They traded for Kellen Winslow this off season, and signed him to a 6 year $36 million deal, making him the highest paid TE in NFL history. He's also only 25, so he should be around for a long time.

Other than that, not bad at all.

Rob Staton said...

JoeG - thanks for the mock. If anyone else wants to post one feel free to do so.

Lisboa (Brasil) - If they were going to trade Leroy Hill, Atlanta would make sense. However, I think Seattle would be lucky to get a first round pick for Hill. They'd also be putting a lost of trust in Aaron Curry - having essentially released Peterson and Hill to make room for a $60m rookie.

Chris - I know what you mean about the Crabtree talk picking up again. There was almost exclusively no Crabtree-to-Seattle talk, but now it's picked up again at the last minute. I've always felt it's realistic, so it might just be a sense of realisation. Looking forward to draft day too - I'm working at a soccer game on Saturday and then have to drive back afterwards at the speed of light to get set up for the draft.

Anonymous said...

Hey Rob, keep up the great work. As a fellow European I've gotten a lot of use from your blogg.

The Gonzo trade just made Crabtree more likely to go in to KC imho. Granted they really desperatelly need 3-4 personel but there really isn't any that good at the top of the draft.

Also, while it might very well happen, I will be scratching my head if Curry is the Seahawk pick.
1. The Hawks tried the All star LBs corps and it didn't translate to a kick arse D.
2. This draft is riddled with good OLBs. Possible all the way into the 3rd round.
3. Is the OLB position REALLY a need? Really? I have always liked DD lewis and Hawthorne (sp?) seems to be developing nicelly.
4. Ruskell and his crew seems to be adept at finding good LBs later in the draft.

If Crabtree is gone then I think you have to go Sanchez or the top OT left. Honestly those are pretty decent picks for a worse case scenario.

Rob Staton said...

You make a very strong argument, annonymous. If Crabtree does go #3 the Seahawks could well take Mark Sanchez, or at least do their best to move down. I like Aaron Curry and he fits the Ruskell mantra, but as you say is OLB a big enough need to justify a $60m investment and if Curry enough of a difference maker?