Saturday, 25 April 2009

The big day is finally here! After months of speculation, mocks, smokescreens, discussion, arguments and one or two changes of mind - we will at last discover who the Seahawks had top of their board all this time. The talk is that they will choose between Mark Sanchez, Aaron Curry and Michael Crabtree - but when has Tim Ruskell ever drafted predictably? Expect the unexpected, don't be surprised by anything.

The draft begins at 1pm Seattle time, with the Seahawks expected to announce their choice with the 4th overall pick at approximately 1:40pm (unless they trade down). Today the first and second rounds will take place in full, followed by rounds 3-7 on Sunday. Besides their first round selection, the Seahawks currently own the #37 overall pick and fifth choice in round two.

It's been a pleasure reporting on the 2009 NFL Draft over the last few months. The conversation has been of a high standard and certainly a lot of fun, I want to thank everyone who has visited the blog and taken the time to get involved. As the draft takes place I'll be offering my own instant analysis on each pick, with guest input on the Seahawks choices from College Talent Scout's Kyle Rota.

So here's the last chance to have your say. Who do you think the Seahawks will draft? What do you think will happen as the drama unfolds in New York? Click the comments section below to have your say or email


jjhsix said...

Hey Rob - Gosselin's last mock is up with us taking Curry. Rob Rang has us with Sanchez and Clark has us taking Crabtree. What a crazy day it's going to be.

If I had $100 to bet right now I would put $50 on Curry and $25 each on Sanchez and Crabtree. Personally, I hope it isn't Curry because I think we have ample proof that having three great LBs doesn't win championships. I think the seat under Ruskell is getting a little hot and Sanchez won't do anything to relieve that since he won't contribute, likely for a couple years. Trading down for someone like Wells or Moreno makes the most sense followed by Crabtree but I think I feel pretty comfortable saying - I have no clue what's going to happen. Enjoy the day everyone.

jjhsix said...

Or perhaps its Monroe at #4. I've officially given up trying and will just let the day unfold.

Patrick said...

I have absolutely no idea what will happen tonight. But, my heart is still screaming for Crabtree, so I can only hope that Christmas comes a little early this year.

Anonymous said...

Crabtree, WR - in round one and Mack/or/Unger/or/Wood, C - in round two.

Bruce M. said...

Unless he's posted something today, which I cannot fine, Rang's mock yesterday has us picking Curry, not Sanchez.

Michael said...

I would think Crabtree may fall out of the top 20. His mindset, and 30M is not one I would want. If it is true that the seat is getting hot for TR, then Crabtree is the worst kind of pick.

It is either Curry or Sanchez.

Chris (Seattle) said...

Crabtree, Crabtree, Crabtree :)

War Hawk said...

I can't wait!

Rob, great job on the blog! You've become a staple for Seahawks news and draft info. It's been a pleasure reading everyday.

Now lets get it on!

Craig said...

Thanks for all the work you've put into the blog the past few months, Rob. I've really enjoyed checking in daily for my draft fix. With Crabtree seemingly sinking under the weight of his ego (now even ESPN is bashing him for his behavior during his Bristol tour) my ideal draft would look something like this:
1) Aaron Curry
2) Brian Robiskie
3) Chip Vaughn
4) Jonathan Luigs
5) Rashad Jennings (if he lasts this long)
6) Stephen McGee

Louis said...

I really dont know what to expect. A few weeks ago everyone was saying Curry was a lock to go #3 to KC, and now the favorite seems to be Tyson Jackson. I personally want KC to pick Curry, as I do not want another expensive LB on our team, especially when we could use that #4 pick on something a lot more important, such as a QB for the future or possible a star WR in Crabtree.

Im still on the Crabtree bandwagon. I wouldnt mind Moreno either.

Steve in Spain said...

Thanks again Rob for all your coverage of the draft leading up to this moment.

Here's how I see the action at #4:

1. Seahawks try their best to trade down (maybe targeting Moreno and Jenkins)
2. Failing in that, they settle for Jason Smith if he falls to them. He doesn't make sense with the way they've got their roster constructed right now, but damn if he isn't the picture of a Ruskell guy.
3. If Smith's gone, Curry. LB isn't a premium position but he's got an elite skill set and a great Ruskell-y character.
4. If Curry's gone too, then it's Sanchez. Ruskell already busted big with Lewin Projection System All-Star David Greene, so why not try the opposite? It worked for George Costanza.... :)

And Crabtree's not on Seattle's board.

Neil Christensen said...

Jim Mora made an interesting comment a couple days ago about the draft picks fitting the culture he's trying to create. Curry and Sanchez make the most sense. Crabtree doesn't.

Personally, I'd like to see Sanchez. I agree with Mayock that he doesn't have the ceiling of Stafford, but his floor is higher. Stafford IMO has the biggest chance to bust (watch his film and see how many great catches his receivers are forced to make). Sanchez has all the intangibles that give him the biggest chance to helm a winner (footwork, intelligence, media savvy, desire, the dreams of his cultural ancestry to be a champion). QB is worth the kind of crazy money they will be paying.

Louis said...

Eh...our chances of drafting Crabtree are just getting slimmer and slimmer. According to ESPN and, Crabtree is a diva. In his trip to Cleveland, the Browns "crossed him off their list" because of his personality, same with the STL. And on a Bistol trip with ESPN, his behavior with other ESPN personal was terrible.

Do we still want him?

Now I REALLY hope we trade down and get Moreno.

Rob Staton said...

All I'm going to say is - don't rule anything out. Tim Ruskell and the Seahawks front office will have done their homework on all the guys, including Crabtree.

I still believe unless something unexpected happens in the top three picks, the Seahawks will choose between Aaron Curry, Mark Sanchez and Michael Crabtree.

Mind of no mind said...

I'm very conflicted, but over the weeks of reading all the different arguments for drafting each guy, I can't help but hope we draft Sanchez, but I'll be very happy with Crabtree or Moreno.

With Curry I can't make up my mind, I like the whole "safest pick in the draft" thing, but I agree that we went the 3 elite LB route already, and it just didn't make enough difference. But if we pick him, I'll just have to trust that Mora thinks we didn't use those 3 elite LBs properly, and it will be different with him.

Mind of no mind said...

Hey Rob, I remember reading that you'll be watching the draft on NFL Network, is that because you think they have better coverage, or because ESPN is not available to you?

I've always watched on ESPN, but I just found out that NFL Network will be showing the draft online, so I'm tempted to give it a try, but my TV is much bigger than my computer screen, and my TV chair more comfortable.

Rob Staton said...

Unfortunately over here the only option is to watch online, on the NFL Network. Last year the first round was broadcast live on a UK cable channel called Sky Sports, however due to a scheduling conflict they will instead only be showing a highlights show on Sunday.

I've just got back from broadcasting at an English soccer game, and it's going to be a long night following the draft into the early hours. I haven't seen the Mrs since last night and let's just say she isn't impressed. Still, something's are just too important, right?

Louis said...

Hey ROb,

Michael Steffes has said that if Crabtree was picked, he would only be our 4th receiver and would only see the field during 4-receiver sets. Is this true? Wouldnt Crabtree be able to be our starting WR? Or at least the #3? Im hopeful he can step in and be our starter from day 1 though. What are your thoughts?

Rob Staton said...

I would disagree with Mike on that one. I think Crabtree would play from a scaled down playbook, but he'd be on the field most snaps. He's too good to only wheel out on the odd occassion. There's a learning curve that accompanies all rookie receivers, but as we saw with Eddie Royal and DeSean Jackson last year, you can find ways to get them involved and no doubt if the Seahawks draft Crabtree they will do.

Go Hawks said...

Check out's live draft chat! Lots of people, good Hawk talk.

Mind of no mind said...

LOL! I, for one, am glad you have your priorities straight. :D

J said...

Kudos on the Moreno pick, I stand corrected.