Saturday, 4 April 2009

Meet... Norfolk State's Don Carey

A few days ago news broke that the Seahawks were showing interest in Norfolk State corner back Don Carey. Sometimes at the top of the board, news of visits can be 'due diligence' or even trying to throw a curve ball, but Carey is considered a late round pick so there could be something in this. Adding to his earlier report, Ed Thompson says Carey will visit the Steelers on April 8th and move on to Seattle a week later.

Thompson also conducts a Q&A with Carey. He seems pretty level headed and certainly takes a professional approach to his interviews. There may also be some flexibility to his game which could interest the Seahawks.

"I can play both corner and safety equally well and excel at both. I'm a fast learner, and I adapt easily and quickly. I'm a physical player who likes to get up and jam receivers. I like coming up for the run and delivering a hit. Put all that together and that's what I think I have over a lot of other guys." - Don Carey, CB Norfolk State

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