Friday, 3 April 2009

Seahawks show interest in Rashad Jennings?

Ed Thompson from is reporting that the Seahawks have shown interest in Liberty running back Rashad Jennings. As a senior he ran for 1500 yards and scored 17 touchdowns. He also showed versatility in the passing game by catching 24 passes and adding two more TD's. In a four year career with the Flames, he totalled 4051 yards from 701 attempts scoring 42 touchdowns.

Jennings stands at 6'1" and 230lbs and ran a 4.64 dash at the combine. He could go as early as the 2nd or 3rd round, he literally carried Liberty in 2008. He originally started out at Pittsburgh, but transferred to be nearer to home after his father suffered complications in a battle with diabetes. Thompson also includes a link to some highlights, I've posted the video below.

Rashad Jennings Jr./Sr. Highlight Tape from William Herring on Vimeo


Joseph said...

He's good...Andre Brown (NC State) would be better.

Rob, do you have any good footage on AB?

Joseph said...

All right, maybe not better. I watched his video again...Jennings would be great!

Rob Staton said...

Hi Joseph,

There's not a great deal of Andre Brown footage out there, but I found this highlights compilation if you want to check it out:

Misfit said...

Rob, I hope our interest in drafting a young, new RB is real. This is a deep, if unspectacular class and I get the sense that the team will be looking for someone within the first three rounds.

If our 2nd round Safety (Chung, likely) is gone, I could see Guard or RB. My guess is that barring a trade-down, we'll hope a decent back like Jennings falls to the 3rd round . To ensure a quality guy, though, we may have to grab a RB in the 2nd.

I'm also very high on Brown and McCoy. I've cooled a bit on McCoy lately, though, and would be happy with Jennings as I love his play and work in the passing game. He has looked like a 'player' to me since all this pre-draft stuff began. I'll check out your footage now.

Btw, you can view an article on FO regarding speed score and this year's crop of backs here:

It's just one facet of it, but does bring some other info into the article about what drills are important for RBs. Moreno, is of course, mentioned.

akki said...

Jennings' small school background, measurables, and running style all seem to suggest Tim Hightower. Maybe he likes to go north-south a little more than Hightower does, which is a good thing.

Wes said...

Gotta like the size of the dude. Thats about Larry Johnson size I believe. The speed is not amazing but it looks like he can outrun defenders when it counts from that video. He'd be a nice grab in the 3rd round

Grant said...

Wow he looks beastie. I wouldn't mind gettin him second round.