Monday, 20 April 2009

Rob Rang's updated mock draft

Rob Rang today published an updated mock draft on CBS Sportsline, with some dramatic changes including who the Seahawks take fourth overall. Tyson Jackson now goes third overall to Kansas City, Eugene Monroe drops to eighth overall and Jacksonville whilst Mark Sanchez is taken by Cleveland.

In Rang's four previous mocks, he's had Seattle picking USC's Sanchez. Today he switches his prediction to Aaron Curry. I expect Curry, Sanchez and Michael Crabtree all to warrant consideration with this pick and the Wake Forest prospect could be the ultimate choice. I rate Curry highly, but I do have some reservations as to what kind of impact he can provide for the money involved. He wasn't asked to rush the passer much in college, resulting in just nine sacks in four years. Playing alongside Lofa Tatupu and Leroy Hill, his potential production may be further hit.

Rang argues differently:

"GM Tim Ruskell informed local media Friday that the team had narrowed its options to four players, though the front office hasn't yet agreed to their order. Those players are likely to include Curry, QB Mark Sanchez and WR Michael Crabtree. Ruskell's tendency toward high character seniors makes Curry the most logical fit, especially considering this year's high risk, low reward class."
- Rob Rang, CBS Sportsline

Interestingly, Rang has the Seahawks taking Kenny Britt in round two. He was suspended for one game by Rutgers for an undisclosed team-violation minutes before a game against Morgan State. I've seen conflicting reports on Britt's character, some saying he's arrogant and selfish whilst others claiming the opposite. The Seahawks will have done their homework no doubt. It's worth keeping an eye on any updates Rob Rang makes to his mock draft this week, he has a proven track record when it comes to guessing Tim Ruskell's mind on draft day.


Anonymous said...

I really like Curry, I don't like him at #4 because of the ramifications of losing Leroy Hill. That said, Curry is TR's free ticket out of a risky pick and I would be shocked to see him get past #4.

Side note, I think people considering Curry going to KC as a lock are going to be shocked on Saturday. Doesn't fit their scheme and his value is greatly diminished. Look for KC to take Monroe, Raji, or Jackson.

Rob Staton said...

I would tend to agree on Kansas City, annonymous. I previously had him going #3 to the Chiefs, but 3-4 teams don't seem to think he's an ideal fit at ILB. They could take Monroe if they rate him highly, but opinion on him is really torn. I'm not sold on him personally.

If they feel the need to draft big for their new 3-4 scheme, Raji as a NT or Jackson as a 5 technique make sense. It'd be a reach, but if Pioli can't trade he likely just takes the guy he wants.

I like Aaron Curry, I cannot stress that enough. However, as I've said a few times now I have reservations about his overall impact in Seattle. It's not a coincidence that Leroy Hill had 7.5 sacks as a rookie and only 6 sacks in three years after Julian Peterson joined the team. There just aren't enough plays to go around to justify such a big investment at OLB.

Curry does fit the criteria Ruskell looks for, he'll get consideration. It just seems very high to draft a linebacker (still a position of relative strength and youth) with other more prominent needs elsewhere. I think it comes down to Curry, Crabtree and Sanchez.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree with you Rob. That said, Sanchez and Crabs are "risky" and well, we know TR. Which is why I say that Curry, even though it doesn't make sense, provides TR with a free ticket out of making a risky pick.

I do not want Eugene Monroe. His demeanor is way too soft for my liking and I'd rather take a raw talent at OT that is a mean SOB over a technically sound Teddy Bear.

Anonymous said...

I know there has been talk about Denver trading up to 4 to get Sanchez but what if they traded up to get Raji before the browns? I would be happy with getting one of Denver's 1st and their 2nd to move back in the draft. Denver really needs that big body in the middle that Raji would provide and Seattle would get another 2nd where I think there is a lot of talent that fits seattle's needs. (i.e. WR, C, RB, G, S, CB)

Rob Staton said...

First annonymous - I hear a lot about the risks involving Crabtree but in all fairness I think they a bit over hyped. I make no apologies for being a big fan of Crabtree's, but he's the one guy I've seen in this draft class who really wowed me. He's not a four year starter, but guys like him never are they always leave early. People talk about character, but there's no obvious red flags. He's a bit immature, but from what I've been told his work ethic is very good. Aaron Curry is always credited for his character, but his interviews aren't that great and he's quite reserved at times. He's more mature than Michael Crabtree for sure, but he's also older. I don't think Crabtree's character is a substantial enough reason not to draft him, there's nothing major there that can't be fixed by surrounding him with the Hasselbecks', Tatupu's and Carlson's.

Sanchez is a bit risky based on a lack of starts. But I think the team will have done their best with what they have and likely come to the conclusion he's very talented (because he is).

It wouldn't surprise me if Curry, Sanchez or Crabtree were the pick on Saturday.

Second annonymous - I don't think Cleveland will take Raji. They have a very outspoken - yet very talented - nose tackle in Shaun Rogers. Unless he moves on, I don't think they take Raji. Denver could use a big NT like Raji so maybe they will look to move up? Whether it's to #4 I'm not sure. I think Denver likely stay put and take BPA as they look to rebuild their team under Josh McDaniels. I wouldn't be surprised if Knowshon Moreno went 12th overall. They have lots of running backs - but none impress. Getting a great RB like Moreno would take some pressure of Kyle Orton in a similar way to what Matt Forte did in Chicago.

Wes said...

yea kenny britt! if we got him i wouldn't be bummed that we missed on crabtree

Seth H. said...

I really hope this is the year Rang is wrong. Curry is the least exciting prospect. He won't change our linebacking corps. He won't be as impactful as people think, especially since we have two other great linebackers. I mean, that would be a huge waste of cap money, especially since we went to the superbowl with the linebacking trio we have.

Please tell me it doesn't happen :( We need an offense ffs :(

Rob Staton said...

The reason I continue to keep Crabtree going #4 on my mock, is that I think the Seahawks know that the offense needs some attention. Houshmandzadeh was a nice addition, but he will be 32 this year. Time of possession was very poor last year, and although injuries didn't help I still think offense needs to be Seattle's priority. The team has spoken about getting greater pressure from the defensive line front, which would make a further $60m investment in the linebackers a little misplaced. Linebacker is a position of relative strength with Tatupu and Hill, and they could add another LB later in the draft. Curry fits in the sense he ticks all the protoypical Ruskell boxes, but does he fit what the team are looking for?

Anonymous said...

I'd argue there is no area that is less of a need for the Seahawks than LB. Hill/Tatupu/Lewis is a good LB group, Hawthorne and Herring provide quality depth. LB is a relatively fungible position and in particular, TR has shown his "midas touch" with LB picks after the 1st round.

Further, Curry would be a Will LB, or force Hill to remain a Will LB, where he's not well suited. 10 million or 8.4 million... that's a lot of freaking money to pay a Weakside LB, and it would almost guarantee Hill's departure in 2010.

Further, if you're going to take a LB in the 1st, he needs to be a Terrell Suggs/Shawne Merriman sack artist that scares the bejesus out of opposing offenses. Curry is not that kind of LB. I don't think he sucks, but I fail to see why he's so hyped. He reminds me way too much of AJ Hawk, and he's been roughly an average LB in GB.

I'd be devastated with a Curry pick. What a waste. In two years the Seahawks are going to badly (very badly) need a QB and a threatening WR. Passing on that for what amounts to a lateral move with such a rare pick is, well, incompetence, frankly.

Anonymous said...

To the poster above, I couldn't agree more. Too many Hawk fans don't realize what the acquisition of Curry means in the grand scheme of things.

Tyler said...

Completely agree with the above comments on Curry. I am so sold against him that I am not even considering him any more. It will be Crabtree or Sanchez. And I really don't understand where this Sanchez wave came from. I mean, he's impressive and I wouldn't be upset or anything with the pick, but it just seems like he showed up on a few mocks and then just spread like wildfire throughout them all. I think the pick will be the pick I've predicted from the beginning - Michael Crabtree. And I'd be pretty happy with that.

Justin said...

Tyler - Totally agree with the Sanchez comment. People for the Sanchez pick say that QB is a huge need because Hasselback is getting older and is coming off an injury. You don't see the Colts freaking out with Peyton, who is about the same age and becoming more injury prone.

I think the Seahawks should go with Crabtree because even if he only gets 2 catches per game, that keeps the defense on the bench that much longer so they can catch their breath. I think that was why the defense wasn't very good last year, just played wayyyyyyyy too much.

Also even if Matt does go down again (which he won't) Seneca did a great job last year. If he had a weapon or two we would have won a few more games.