Friday, 10 April 2009

Rob Rang's latest mock draft

Rob Rang updated his mock draft at CBS Sportsline today, and he continues to place USC quarter back Mark Sanchez with the Seahawks fourth overall. It's the second mock in succession where Rob has the Trojan heading to the North West, after originally predicting Tim Ruskell may opt to draft Wake Forest linebacker Aaron Curry.

"When healthy, Matt Hasselbeck remains one of the league's few legitimate franchise quarterbacks, but at 33 years old and coming off a season in which he was limited to only seven games due to a bulging disk in his back, some believe the Seahawks would be wise to begin looking toward the future. Sanchez is skyrocketing up draft boards amid the belief that with more development, he could also be a franchise passer." - Rob Rang, CBS Sportsline

With just over two weeks to go until draft day (April 25th) it's worth keeping an eye on Rob's mock drafts. He has a proven track record when it comes to correctly predicting the Seahawks' picks, although this year it could be harder than ever to guess which way Tim Ruskell will go. Clearly if the Seahawks think Sanchez has the talents to eventually become a stand out quarter back in the NFL, he warrants consideration.

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Anonymous said...

If he is a true franchise QB, I believe it's a reasonable pick. What would be better, including financially, would be if Detroit passes on Stafford, then have us trade #4 to Denver for #12 and 18, then take Sanchez at #12 and Moreno at #18. That leaves us Unger or Mack in round two and a safety or WR in the third round.

The only potential problems in this scenario would be if Jacksonville or SF wants Sanchez.

Crazy thoughts I imagine, but one can dream. I look at this draft as critical to the Seahawks-- either helping them get back to division leaders that we have enjoyed recently, or sinking in mediocrity that we had to endure previous to the Holmgren era.

Thanks for this site and information!

Michael said...

If Crabtree is not the person Ruskell wants, and Curry, Smith, Stafford are gone, barring an unlikely trade, he is the best value.

I am biased, I like him. But he may be a Jim Plunkett; have his success somewhere else.

If we can get past the fact that Oher interview like Walter Jones, perhaps that is an option.

DE is not an option with Redding and Atkins both vying for time.

Mixed emotions.

Anonymous said...

I'm warming up to Sanchez, due to PFW's reports about Crabtree.

I still think he's a bit creepy, but you have to trust talent evaluators. We don't have any choice.

If the draft goes Stafford, Smith, Curry (like I think it will), I'm really gonna wish for some sort of trade down miracle. --Nano

Rob Staton said...

I'll be doing an article on the PFW article regarding Crabtree over the weekend, so stay tuned for that.

It's the first real sign of some clear cut information as to what the 'character' issues surrounding Crabtree might be. Having said that, I still think he is a supremely talented individual. I've read many more reports that say he's a 'good kid' and not the kind of bad influence the PFW article suggested.

Crabtree polarises opinion more than any other prospect. I suspect we won't discover the whole truth about his draft stock until April 25th.

Michael said...

I don't know if this is smoke or not:

But I doubt very much Seattle will touch Crabtree at 4.

Give me some Robiskie.

Rob Staton said...

As I said, I'm going to do an article on it over the weekend. However, this article alone is not enough for me to agree that Seattle won't consider Crabtree. For example, why have we not heard stuff like this before? Why has it taken until two weeks before the draft for this report to appear? I cannot suggest the article is wrong because it could be 100% true. However, I don't necessarily believe it is the defining piece which rules out Crabtree going to the Seahawks.

LouieLouie said...

After all of the BS about USC players, and BJ Raji, I'd be extra carefull about giving much credence to those articles about players characters.

That being said, Sanchez may well be worth a gamble. I am convinced that Hass has 2, maybe 3 years left. He is going to take a big hit one day, and be gone.

The O-Line is in a rebuilding stage. One strategy is to let Hass play while the line is improving, and then the new franchise QB will step in with a good O-Line.

Sorry Hass, but that's the job that you have chosen.