Thursday, 30 April 2009

Thursday links - looking to 2010

Todd McShay posts his early 2010 mock draft. At this stage last year, McShay correctly guessed eleven first round prospects which isn't too bad so early in the process. He thinks Sam Bradford (QB, Oklahoma) will be the #1 pick. He also suggests Seattle could look to draft a quarter back - taking Colt McCoy 6th overall with the pick they recently acquired from Denver. I have doubts about McCoy's ability to put himself this high in next year's draft.

Pete Prisco looks to next year and gives an early prediction for the 2010 draft. In my opinion, he's got the first pick right and it's pretty sound judgement throughout. I just don't think Colt McCoy and Tim Tebow are worthy of being drafted in the top picks and Sam Bradford, although having the talent, plays in a quirky offense. Jevon Snead (Ole Miss) is the one to watch.

Chad Reuter breaks down the top Senior prospects for 2010, separating them into categories of draft position. It's not rich with quality, so he also lists his favoured underclassmen. As with the 2009 draft, the overall quality of next year's event will be dictated by which guys leave school early.

Tony Pauline publishes his 'watch-list' for 2010. The top 10 is dominated by defense, including plenty of defensive line talent. At this early stage he has Greg Hardy down as being rated the highest, with Seattle born Taylor Mays at #2. Sam Bradford is the only quarter back listed in the top twenty-five.

Peter Schrager has a look at how the 2010 NFL draft could shake out. He has the Seahawks taking Eric Berry (S, Tennessee) and Greg Hardy (DE, Ole Miss). It's still early days, but I think next year's draft could be a great one for defense. I'm not buying Tebow and McCoy in the top five picks.

Andrew Perloff offers a 2010 mock. Seattle takes Joe Haden (CB, Florida) with the Broncos first rounder and Greg Hardy (DE, Ole Miss) with their own selection. Perloff thinks St Louis will trade up to the No1 pick next year (will this ever happen without a rookie salary cap?).

Walter Cherepinsky has a go at predicting the 2010 NFL draft. He also has the Seahawks taking Eric Berry and also running back Jonathan Dwyer from Georgia Tech. With this being a draft blog we'll keep dipping into the 2010 stuff even if it's too soon to get a realistic read on how it's going to pan out.


Wes said...

it appears like there is some awesome Defensive prospects next year, but I'm hopeful for some offensive talent, that is, if we can't get Mays with our first pick. But I'd really love to see Dez Bryant or Arellius Benn and jonathan dwyer with our 2 picks. get some guys that can really scare our opponents!

Rob Staton said...

Jonathan Dwyer intrigues me. It looks like he has a good combination of power and speed, capable of bouncing off a couple of tackles and then taking it to the end zone. I've only seen highlights though and that's never an accurate way to judge somebody, I'll have to watch some Georgia Tech games in 2009.

Joe McKnight is another intriguing prospect because he looks like he has the skills but not the production.

I've seen precious little of Benn and Bryant, I believe their production is good. But I need to see more in real time games. I still think the potential is there for this to be a good draft for defensive talent.