Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Draft analysis - Alabama safety Rashad Johnson

This week we discussed Seattle's options in the draft if they want to add another safety to the roster and one prospect I think the Seahawks might target is Rashad Johnson from Alabama. He would fit nicely into a cover-2 system, he has the kind of character Tim Ruskell looks for and would be available in possibly the third or fourth round.

The NFL Network today conducted some analysis on Johnson with Mike Mayock, Charles Davis and Charley Casserly having input into his NFL prospects. Mayock thinks he can have a solid career without ever becoming an all-pro, whilst Casserly questions his lack of size but believes "overall you like him as a football player."

I believe Tim Ruskell is higher on current starting safeties Deon Grant and Brian Russell than perhaps some fans would like. It's not a great draft for safeties and highly popular prospects like Patrick Chung at Oregon are not great fits into a cover-2 scheme. If Seattle look to add some depth in the 2009 draft, look for Johnson to be a possibility in the mid rounds.

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Michael Steffes said...

I think it is a good draft for safeties. There are quite a few who could have nice careers. It just lacks that star power at the top that a Taylor Mays would have brought. But, it is pretty rare that a top 10 worthy safety is out there anyway. Usually, there are only one or two even worth looking at, like last year. At least this year there is 6-8 decent players to choose from.