Friday, 3 April 2009

Chris Steuber's 'Cutler impact' mock draft

Chris Steuber from has published a mock draft with a twist. What if the Denver Broncos do want to find a replacement for Jay Cutler in the draft? Steuber, unlike most mock drafts, has had Mark Sanchez going first overall for some weeks now. He even writes defiantly that, "the Lions will choose Sanchez over Stafford".

So in this prediction, he has the Broncos packaging their 12th and 18th overall picks to move up in the draft. The trade partner? Division rival Kansas City Chiefs. The Broncos take Matt Stafford third overall ahead of the Seahawks (whom Steuber had destined for Seattle previously). The Chiefs take Tyson Jackson and Andre Smith with their two newly acquired first rounders. Steuber clearly feels that the Broncos need to get ahead of Seattle if they want to take a quarter back.

Reports suggest Broncos head coach Josh McDaniels and Chiefs GM Scott Pioli are close. But are they close enough to pull off an inter-division trade of this magnitude? Steuber claims that the Broncos are 'desperate' to find a franchise QB. I disagree. I firmly believe McDaniels will go with Kyle Orton or Chris Simms in 2009. Orton in particular may be unspectacular, but he is efficient and has some weapons to throw to at Mile High. They may take a quarter back in the draft, but it will be a development pick later on. I expect Denver to stay put and rebuild their 29th ranked defense from 2008.

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