Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Draft week musings - Tuesday

When the Seahawks are on the clock, I expect they'll be picking from Aaron Curry, Michael Crabtree and Mark Sanchez. That's a solid position to be in and I'll take a closer look at what those prospects would bring to the franchise later today. They might get trade offers if Sanchez is still around, but could be under cut if Kansas City are willing to accept the same offer at pick #3. Regardless whether Sanchez did go third or fourth overall, he'll be looking at a contract comparable to Matt Ryan's $72m with $34.75m guaranteed. If Seattle can trade down it'll bring running backs Knowshon Moreno and Chris 'Beanie' Wells into play.

If they stay at #4 - I think they'll look for the instant impact that a Crabtree or Curry represents. As much as the Seahawks are 'in the zone' to take a long term answer at quarter back, I wonder if they'll be willing to invest the kind of money it'd take to tie up Sanchez. His lack of college starts can be diluted by putting him on the bench for a year or two, but I think Seattle favours someone who can compete in 2009. If Matt Stafford falls to pick four it could be a different story, but I think he's a nailed on certainty to go first overall.

The Seahawks will have a good chance to improve their offensive line in rounds two and three. The three top ranked interior lineman - Alex Mack, Max Unger and Eric Wood - could all remain on the board when Seattle picks at #37. William Beatty (OT, Connecticut) is likely a first round pick, but if he's there in round two the Seahawks should be interested. Jamon Meredith (OT, South Carolina) is a good scheme fit and represents another option. In round three, prospects such as Troy Kropog (OT, Tulane), Gerald Cadogan (OT, Penn State), Antoine Caldwell (C, Alabama) and Jonathan Luigs (C, Arkansas) could all be available.

Don't be surprised if the Georgia Bulldogs have reasons to be cheerful this weekend. I expect Matt Stafford to go first overall and believe Knowshon Moreno - the most under rated prospect in the draft - will go higher than most people think. Depending on how the board falls, he could be an option for Jacksonville at eight, Green Bay at nine or even Denver at twelve. He has legitimate top ten talent, just not the 40 yard dash times to enhance it this off season.

But if you want a real sleeper, watch out for Mohammed Massaquoi. His stock has been steadily building and it wouldn't surprise me if he went quite early. If Detroit want to make life for Stafford as easy as possible, they could even reunite the pair at Ford Field.

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