Saturday, 25 April 2009

Seahawks take Curry, Unger, 2010 1st rounder

It was a busy day in the Seahawks war room on the first day of the 2009 NFL Draft. Seattle hit the clock in round one and as we expected Aaron Curry, Michael Crabtree and Mark Sanchez were all available. Curry, heavily recommended as the best prospect in the draft, was Tim Ruskell's choice and he made an emotional appearance on stage at Radio City. Clutching a Seahawks jersey emblazoned with the number one, the Wake Forest linebacker fought back tears of joy. "I didn't really know where I was going to end up at" announced Curry shortly after being revealed as the newest Seattle Seahawk. "I expect to go in there and really get into that defense and fly around, have some fun." Watch Seattle select Curry here

In what proved to be an eventful first round with a cluster of trades and shock moves, the Seahawks sat tightly in possession of the 37th overall pick and fifth selection in round two. The New York Jets made a shock trade into the top five to get Mark Sanchez. Two center's left the board early - Alex Mack and Eric Wood both going in round one. Six wide receivers were taken in the first, with running back Chris 'Beanie' Wells falling kindly to the Arizona Cardinals at #31.

Perhaps intending to draft for offense in round two and seeing their diminishing options - the Denver Broncos made Seattle an offer. In exchange for the #37 pick, the Seahawks would receive Denver's first round pick in 2010. The deal was completed, leaving fans in the North West to ponder the potential excitement of owning that bounty next year.

But the team weren't finished there. Just as it was being assumed Seattle were done for the day, they boldly traded away their 3rd and 4th round picks to the Chicago Bears for the 49th overall pick where they selected Max Unger (OG/C, Oregon). Flexible enough to play anywhere on the offensive line, Unger will provide instant depth and starting potential at a need area. Although the move appeared expensive at first, the Seahawks have essentially traded away the 3rd & 4th round pick this year for Denver's first in 2010. Depending on how the Broncos perform in 2009, that could be some deal.

The Seahawks next pick is currently the first selection in round five (#137 overall). What are you thoughts after day one of the 2009 NFL Draft? Are you happy with the decision to draft Curry & Unger? What about the trades made by Tim Ruskell today? Let me know by clicking the comments section below or email


Anonymous said...

Ecstatic! Best draft day in Hawks history since Springs and Jones.

Michael Steffes said...

Hey Rob! Get some sleep sucka! Great day huh. Too bad Crabtree or Wells didn't go to the AFC! Must be some kinda unique karma for us.

Rob Staton said...

It's 4am and I'm getting some sleep! It's surreal to think that you discuss these guys in such detail for months and even imagine them turning out for the Seahawks... now they are just guys playing for a division rival.

I like Aaron Curry and Max Unger and it'll be fun to talk draft in 2010 with two first rounders (can't we start the next draft sooner this year?). You can't fill every need, but I do worry for the long term future of Seattle's offense. We have a 34 year old quarter back, a 35 year old left tackle, a 32 year old key receiver and our running backs are Julius Jones and TJ Duckett.

Patrick said...

After being a diehard Crabtree fan for what seems like forever, I am really excited and proud of the Seahawks pick of Aaron Curry. Honestly, his emotions said it all as his name was called. He came off like a gentle giant, but also a talented young man that can only make our defense better. On the otherside, Crabtree's emotions when he wasn't picked by Oakland said it all to me. I am officially an Aaron Curry fan, and I could not be happier we got Denver's 1st round pick next year! It was a good day!!

War Hawk said...

I love the moves today. Plus I always look for a reason to root against the Broncos.

Mind of no mind said...

Hey Rob, how do you rate the Broncos draft in terms of helping them win next year? Looking at their schedule, they play SD, OAK and KC twice, @CIN, CLE, DAL, NE, @BAL, PIT, @WAS, NYG, @IND AND @PHI.

To me, that looks like at least 10 losses, and that's giving them a split with SD, I'm also giving them a split with KC, who should be decent with Cassel. I'd be shocked if they could go 8-8 again.

I figure Moreno could contribute right away, but I'm thinking Ayers, Smith and McBath are not going to turn around their defense in their 1st year.

I have an Uncle and a couple cousins in town this weekend from Denver, and they're all shaking their heads over this draft.

Wes said...

id really like to see the hawks get back in the 3rd and get one of rashard jennings or andre brown. we need some weapons!

Brandon said...

Great draft by Seahawks!!!
Curry is a wonderful person first and athlete second. Quality selection.
Unger is noted as the most versatile o-lineman in the draft.
That first is hilarious. Josh McDaniels really leaves me scratching my head in wonder of his, well odd moves.
I'm looking forward to tomorrow.

-Brandon Clark

Stop by and read my assesment of the Jaguars if you got time.

Brandon said...

The seahawks could draft Glen Cofee, HB Alabama in round 5, I hope.
You can find another Halfback and Wide Recievers will be around but im not sure how good.
Good luck

Mind of no mind said...

Here's something I posted over on Sando's blog, but I'd really love to get your take on it, Rob. I compared the Seahawks trade into next years first round vs the 49ers trade.

Based on the basic draft value chart, if Carolina finishes in the same spot next year (not unlikely), SF gains the 28th pick in next years draft, worth 660 points and give up 542 points in this years draft. They gain a total of 118 points worth of draft capital.

Based on the basic draft value chart, if Denver finishes in the same spot next year (again, not that unlikely), Seattle gains the 12th pick in next years draft, worth 1,200 points and give up 530 points in this years draft. They gain a total of 670 points worth of draft capital next year.

At first I thought that both teams pulled of great moves, but if things play out the way you'd expect next year, the Seahawks move could be around 5.67 times better than the 49ers! (670 points divided by 118) :D

So I guess adding to my question before about Denvers draft helping them out next year (or really, all their offseason moves), what do you think about Carolina's draft and offseason overall?

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