Sunday, 26 April 2009

Seahawks draft QB Mike Teel

The Seattle Seahawks selected Rutgers quarter back Mike Teel with the 178th overall pick. Teel's production at the end of his career was phenomenal leading his team to seven straight wins. Would he have been available in the 7th round? Seattle passed on running backs Cedric Peerman and Rashad Jennings, both top of Mel Kiper's 'best available' list, so clearly they feel confident with their stable of RB's.

I drafted Teel for the Seahawks when I took part in a seven round mock draft as acting GM. He's 6'3" and 225 lbs with a decent arm. As a senior he scored 25 touchdowns and passed for 3418 yards.


Andrew said...

Rob you had Teel taken 248 instead the Hawks took him 178. I would have liked to see Rashad Jennings here and see if we could have picked up Reilley (sp - but the qb from Central Washington who I think will end up a steal). Don't really know much about Teel but am now a fan of his.

Chris (Seattle) said...

I like the pick of Teel...though I would've preferred Jennings as well. What would you think of taking a shot at Brandon Gibson in the 7th if he's still there? I think he is very underrated and could help bring more youth to the WR core.

Patrick said...

I was really hoping Javon Ringer would fall to us but sadly he didn't. Still, there's a part of me that wants us to pick up Warrick Dunn so I'm actually glad they haven't taken a running back. I doubt whoever we pick this late will really be that much better than Justin Forsett and I really hope Forsett is included next year. Not to mention, with Denver's pick next year (no matter where it is) we could have a decent shot at the "Knoshon Moreno" of next year. I don't know a whole lot about Mike Teel but at least he's not taking Hasselbeck's job.

Chris (Seattle) said...

Forgot to mention Rob, I was interested to see your belief that Stafford and Sanchez are both better than Bradford. Was curious as to why you think that? I know we have a few years before we find out an answer, but I just feel Bradford just looks the part of a franchise QB based on his decision making, accuracy and size. I could certainly be wrong though.

Rob Staton said...

Chris - I think Sam Bradford has potential. But he plays in a quirky offense which is difficult to read. He's never faced pressure, I'd like to see his accuracy and decision making when guys are in his face. Stafford and Sanchez played behind much worse offensive lines and showed the physical qualities and also the ability to improvise and make plays. Bradford is the only QB in next year's class that could have challenged Stafford and Sanchez this weekend. I don't think McCoy and Tebow match up.

I've heard a few times this weekend that next year's class is better. Anyone who can say that at this stage should be working for an NFL front office.

Anonymous said...

Amen Rob! People don't realize that the Spread is not just about statistical inflation, but it dumbs down the reads for QBs. Bradford and McCoy are so reliant upon reads from the sidelines and the box which is why the entire team stands up and looks to the sideline. I am kind of sick of hearing people wanting Bradford next year. I personally do not want to spend $45 million on a guy who we don't even know if he can play under center or what he can do when he doesn't have all day to make plays. Talk about playing with superior talent. Bradford's supporting cast was far superior to anyone else in the country and then add onto that the idea that the Big XII is very weak defensively.

Jevan Snead is the guy to keep an eye on next year. I think we need to use those 2 picks next year getting a QB and an LT/S. I think if Eric Berry is available you take him.

Rob Staton said...

I've tried to look at projections for next year to get an idea of what 'could' happen. But at this stage it's impossible to say, if you look at a mock draft from August last year you see guys like Tebow, Moala in the top 5 for 2008. You even see Duke Robinson (5th round pick) in the top 15.

I keep reading that next year's draft is better from writers and pundits - say that when we're two weeks from the 2010 draft.

I've done a sketchy study of the guys who might be available in 2010. But it's too hard to make any kind of a read, because who knows what happens in the season. This time last year, Aaron Curry had a 3rd round rating I believe.

Offensively, in 2010 I'm not that excited. As you say annonymous, Snead might end up being the one QB to keep an eye on. I see a lack of star skill position players but possibly better top end defensive talent.