Tuesday, 14 April 2009

My updated mock draft (rounds 1&2)

Some of you may have heard the mock draft I recorded on the podcast over Easter. I've had a chance to think about some of those picks today and felt I needed to mix things up a little bit. I've also included a full second round to my mock, with a suggestion for the Seahawks third round pick.

1 Detroit Lions - Matt Stafford (QB, Georgia)
Nothing has changed here as far as I'm concerned. I've had Stafford pinned here from day one and still believe this is the direction Detroit will go. They need to build from the ground up and that means finding a franchise quuarter back to kick things off.

2 St Louis Rams - Jason Smith (OT, Baylor)
Almost as much of a lock as the Stafford pick for me. Steve Spagnuolo wants to mould his Rams offense to mimic the Giants. That means a dominant ground game. Smith has the nasty edge and determination to get into the second level which will make life easier for Steven Jackson.

3 Kansas City Chiefs - Eugene Monroe (OT, Virginia)
I've had Aaron Curry here for a while and that could be possible. However, they may also draft an offensive lineman to help protect Matt Cassel - with Branden Albert kicking inside to guard. There's a premium on good offensive lineman in the NFL, whilst teams don't often draft linebackers this high.

4 Seattle Seahawks - Michael Crabtree (WR, Texas Tech)
In this position Seattle has some good options. Crabtree and Curry are still on the board if they want that 'instant' impact, whilst Mark Sanchez offers the more long term thinking. In reality they could go with any of the three, but Crabtree offers the dynamic playmaking weapon they need on offense. With a much improved passing game in 2009, this could take pressure off the offensive line and open up the running game - providing the kind of balance Greg Knapp craves.

5 Cleveland Browns - Aaron Curry (LB, Wake Forest)
If Curry makes it out of the top four, I don't expect him to fall too far. The Browns are heading into a new era under Eric Mangini and it's difficult to judge just how he plans to re-shape this team. Mark Sanchez could be a shock choice if they trade Brady Quinn or Derek Anderson.

To see the rest of the picks, click here.

6 Cincinnati Bengals - Chris 'Beanie' Wells (RB, Ohio State)
Wells' stock has risen recently and is starting to warrant consideration in the top ten picks. The Bengals would love Eugene Monroe to fall here to offer that pure pass-protection for Carson Palmer. However, Andre Smith isn't a left tackle and I don't think they'll take Michael Oher. The Ohio State prospect would offer a much needed PR boost to this franchise, as a local hero with great character and talent.

7 Oakland Raiders - B.J. Raji (DT, Boston College)
Raji has some character concerns but one guy who won't care about that is Al Davis. He'll love Raji's nasty streak and ability to dominate the opposition's offensive line. Raji has the big body to improve Oakland's poor rush defense, but is also capable of getting to the quarter back.

8 Jacksonville Jaguars - Andre Smith (OT, Alabama)
The Jaguars could take Mark Sanchez, but they only gave David Garrard a big contract last year. Instead they may look to take pressure off Garrard by building a dominant running game with Andre Smith leading from the front. They could also draft a big running back later on to compliment Maurice Jones-Drew.

9 Green Bay Packers - Brian Orakpo (DE, Texas)
Suggestions have been made recently that Orakpo's stock is falling and this could mean a bit of a drop on draft day. If the board falls this way, the Packers might be in a good position to move down with a team looking to grab Mark Sanchez. They could move out of the top ten and still land Orakpo.

10 San Francisco 49ers - Mark Sanchez (QB, USC)
I had a tough time placing Sanchez in this mock. His stock is very high right now but there are legitimate concerns about the number of starts he made, the competition he faced and potential character red flags from the past. I don't think the 49ers are particularly thinking QB here, but if Sanchez falls they may take him for value. Part of me thinks if he makes it this far - someone will trade up to get him before San Francisco are on the clock.

11 Buffalo Bills - Michael Oher (OT, Ole Miss)
With the premium on offensive tackles in the NFL, Oher won't fall too far. The Bills might look to trade Jason Peters on draft day to get another first round pick, leaving a hole for Oher to start at left tackle. Even if Peters remains, he gave up 11.5 sacks after a holdout in 2008 - a league high.

12 Denver Broncos - Tyson Jackson (DE, LSU)
Jackson's stock is so high right now, I wouldn't be surprised if he sneaks into the top 10 with 3-4 teams like Green Bay and San Francisco likely to be interested. I don't think Denver will trade up for Mark Sanchez, instead using both first round picks to rebuild their defense.

13 Washington Redskins - Brian Cushing (LB, USC)
The Redskins have four picks in the 2009 draft so they have to hit with this one. They could go offense and make a surprise choice like Knowshon Moreno or Eben Britton, but with Cushing on the board they continue to add to their defense.

14 New Orleans Saints - Malcolm Jenkins (CB, Ohio State)
Jenkins' recovery speed has been a big talking point during the off season. If it's enough of a concern for teams, he could fall down the board. Nobody will take a project safety this early. However, a team like New Orleans could take a chance on Jenkins knowing if it works out they'll have a great player on their roster.

15 Houston Texans - Clay Matthews Jr. (LB, USC)
I understand that the Texans will almost certainly take a defensive prospect in the first round and that they are very high on Matthews Jr.

16 San Diego Chargers - Jeremy Maclin (WR, Missouri)
Chris Chambers is in a contract year and will be 31, whilst Vincent Jackson was recently arrested for DUI. Wide receiver isn't the greatest need for San Diego, but Maclin could be too good to pass here.

17 New York Jets - Josh Freeman (QB, Kansas State)
I'm not 100% sold that Freeman goes here, like Sanchez he's difficult to place. The Jets situation at quarter back leads me to think they'll consider taking Freeman, but would anyone be surprised if they went in another direction?

18 Denver Broncos - Rey Maualuga (LB USC)
The Broncos are switching to a 3-4 defense with Mike Nolan organizing things. Maualuga offers great value here and is a perfect fit.

19 Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Everette Brown (DE, Florida State)
Call this one a hunch. With Brown falling a little bit due to his lack of size, the Buccs might go for value. Pairing Brown with Gaines Adams would give Raheem Morris a great pass rush tandem.

20 Detroit Lions - Peria Jerry (DT, Ole Miss)
The Lions traded Cory Redding to the Seahawks and need to add to their defensive line via the draft. Jerry had a good Senior Bowl and scored a touchdown in the game. The depth at defensive tackle isn't that deep in 2009, so the Lions could pull the trigger on Jerry with this pick.

21 Philadelphia Eagles - Knowshon Moreno (RB, Georgia)
If Moreno is on the board here, I don't think the Eagles will waste much time making their selection. Alongside Brian Westbrook, this would be a formidable partnership in the backfield for Philly and could push them towards the NFC East title.

22 Minnesota Vikings - Eben Britton (OT, Arizona)
The top offensive lineman in this draft won't drop too far and I wouldn't be surprised if Britton went earlier than this. Has performed at both left and right tackle for Arizona and this would be good value for the Vikings.

23 New England Patriots - Donald Brown (RB, Connecticut)
The Patriots are notoriously difficult to figure out when it comes to drafting, but they aren't afraid to pull the trigger on someone they like. They might move down a few spots before making this pick, but are believed to be high on Brown.

24 Atlanta Falcons - Larry English (OLB, Northern Illinois)
The Falcons have lost starters on defense and are well set on offense. Getting an outside rush from someone like English would be a good move.

25 Miami Dolphins - Aaron Maybin (DE/OLB Penn State)
Question marks about his size could lead to a drop on draft day, but I expect Maybin to remain a first round selection. He would make a good fit in Miami's 3-4 at OLB.

26 Baltimore Ravens - Darrius Heyward-Bey (WR, Maryland)
Heyward-Bey is all about speed so he needs to play for a team that has a QB with a huge arm. His production at college was poor - he didn't rank amongst the top 100 receivers. That'll put a lot of teams off, but in Joe Flacco the Ravens have a quarter back whose arm can make Heyward-Bey a star.

27 Indianapolis Colts - Robert Ayers (DE, Tennessee)
This guy's stock is starting to rise so don't be surprised if he makes it into the top 20 picks. The Colts could look at the depth at receiver, but Ayers would offer a solid pass rush to their defensive line.

28 Philadelphia Eagles - William Beatty (OT, Connecticut)
Brandon Pettigrew could be the pick here, but once again we have to consider how much teams value the top offensive line talent. If the Bills are serious about trading Jason Peters, then the Eagles may use this pick to get him. If they stay put, Beatty would be an alternative option.

29 New York Giants - Kenny Britt (WR, Rutgers)
The Giants might look at the receivers on the board and 'take their pick' now they have cut the problematic Plaxico Burress. I've heard rumors they might try to trade for Braylon Edwards - using their two second round picks.

30 Tennessee Titans - Evander Hood (DT, Missouri)
As with Trevor Laws (Notre Dame) last year, I wouldn't be surprised if Hood slipped into the second round. I'm not sure the Titans would be so strict to draft a need like this, but after losing Albert Haynesworth they could use some strength up front.

31 Arizona Cardinals - Alex Mack (C/G, California)
I expect the Cardinals to look for the best value when they're on the board at 31. Mack could go earlier than this - he's a very intelligent, strong, versatile interior lineman.

32 Pittsburgh Steelers - Percy Harvin (WR, Florida)
The Steelers never reach for needs and will take whoever tops their big board. Rashard Mendenhall wasn't a big need in 2008, but they took him. They might feel the same way about Harvin.

Second round picks

33 Detroit Lions - James Laurinaitis (LB, Ohio State)
Not the most eye catching physical specimen, but he offers valuable leadership and would become the quarter back on defense.

34 New England Patriots - Darrius Butler (CB, Connecticut)
They might take Alphonso Smith here, but Butler offers the better value as the Patriots take a pair of Huskies.

35 St Louis Rams - Louis Delmas (FS, Western Michigan)
Delmas is the best safety in the 2009 draft and the Rams could take him to improve their secondary.

36 Cleveland Browns - Brandon Pettigrew (TE, Oklahoma State)
After trading Kellen Winslow to the Buccs, the Browns will be delighted if Pettigrew falls to them in round two.

37 Seattle Seahawks - Sean Smith (CB/S, Utah)
The Seahawks could look at their offensive line with Max Unger, Eric Wood and Jamon Meredith still on the board, but Smith has the size and speed Seattle would like to add to it's secondary. He could play safety - an area of need.

38 Cincinnati Bengals - Eric Wood (C/G, Louisville)
Don't be surprised if Wood goes higher than this - teams at the bottom of round one are said to rate him quite highly. The Bengals need to add to their offensive line after taking Chris Wells in round one.

39 Jacksonville Jaguars - Ron Brace (DT, Boston College)
Looking for help up front, the Jaguars take the this big defensive tackle.

40 Oakland Raiders - Vontae Davis (CB, Illinois)
If Davis falls this far, it won't be due to a lack of talent. However, his character issues might put some people off. Al Davis loves to draft defensive backs and would surely take Davis if he falls here.

41 Green Bay Packers - Jamon Meredith (OT, South Carolina)
Solid pick here for the Packers who would like to add an offensive lineman.

42 Buffalo Bills - Michael Johnson (DE, Georgia Tech)
On pure potential alone Johnson could go a lot higher than this and surprise a few people on April 25th. If teams aren't sold on his consistency, he drops into round two. The Bills, needing a better pass rush, might feel the gamble is minimal 42nd overall.

43 San Francisco - Clint Sintim (DE/OLB, Virginia)
Looking for a pass rushing addition to their 3-4 defense, the 49ers will be happy if Sintim is still on the board because he's the perfect fit. Connor Barwin could also be a possibility.

44 Miami Dolphins - Alphonso Smith (CB, Wake Forest)
I've heard reports that suggest division rivals New England are showing interest in Smith. The Dolphins need to add to their secondary.

45 New York Giants - Max Unger (C/G, Oregon)
Not the biggest need for New York and rumors suggest they might use their two second round picks to trade for Braylon Edwards. Unger is versatile enough to be moved around the offensive line, offering solid depth immediately and becoming a starter eventually.

46 Houston Texans - D.J. Moore (CB, Vanderbilt)
Continuing to add to their defense, the Texans add a corner back with the exciting D.J. Moore.

47 New England Patriots - Connor Barwin (DE/OLB, Cincinnati)
Will he make it this far? I'm not sure. He's done enough to improve his stock recently and I have to think he might go earlier than this. If he's still on the board at 47 then the Patriots will draft Mike Vrabel mark II.

48 Denver Broncos - Jarron Gilbert (DE, San Jose State)
Will they use their first three picks on defense? It's possible.

49 Chicago Bears - Hakeem Nicks (WR, North Carolina)
This is a dramatic fall for Nicks, but it could happen. His stock has taken a hit recently. The Bears would like to add a wide receiver to give Jay Cutler another weapon.

50 Cleveland Browns - Brian Robiskie (WR, Ohio State)
Looking close to home for a receiver, the Browns take Brian Robiskie. He's a prospect who could go a bit higher in round two, but with teams focusing on needs elsewhere he might drop to this point.

51 Dallas Cowboys - Patrick Chung (SS, Oregon)
This pick just makes sense. Great fit for the Cowboys who are looking for safety help. With only one first day pick, Dallas will be happy to land Chung here.

52 New York Jets - Derrick Williams (WR, Penn State)
I recently conducted a seven round mock draft (article on this will be published later in the week) and Williams fell to the fourth round. Can't see it happening, even if he failed to show the 'wow' factor in recent work outs.

53 Philadelphia Eagles - Jared Cook (TE, South Carolina)
I'm not completely sure the Eagles will draft a tight end this early. Brent Celek did a good job down the stretch in 2008. If they do want to draft at the position, this is good value.

54 Minnesota Vikings - Victor Harris (CB, Virginia Tech)
The Vikings need to add a young corner back to their secondary.

55 Atlanta Falcons - William Moore (OLB/SS, Missouri)
Despite taking Larry English in round one, the Falcons defense could still use some additions. Moore played a lot at OLB for Missou, but is predominantly known as a safety. Both areas of need, he could be used as a nickel linebacker and a strong safety.

56 Miami Dolphins - LeSean McCoy (RB, Pittsburgh)
What's more surprising, McCoy still being here or the Dolphins taking him? It could happen in both cases.

57 Baltimore Ravens - Fili Moala (DT, USC)
Rated by Todd McShay as a potential 'number one overall pick' a year ago, Moala never lived up to the billing. With most of the top corners off the board, Baltimore may look to add to their defensive line.

58 New England Patriots - James Casey (TE, Rice)
The Patriots lost Daniel Graham before the 2008 season and Ben Watson hasn't really taken on the baton.

59 Carolina Panthers - Paul Kruger (DE, Utah)
I'm a fan of Kruger's and think he could go earlier than this. Having said that, I've seen mock drafts with him tumbling into round three.

60 New York Giants - Cornelius Ingram (TE, Florida)
Kevin Boss has done a good job for the Giants, but they might look for a greater receiving threat from the position.

61 Indianapolis Colts - Pat White (QB, West Virginia)
The Colts could find ways to get White involved early on as a receiver, but he could also be trained up as a better back-up option to Peyton Manning.

62 Tennessee Titans - Jonathan Luigs (C, Arkansas)
Not a need pick, but I've seen Luigs stock rising and I wouldn't be surprised if he went earlier than this.

63 Arizona Cardinals - Andre Brown (RB, North Carolina State)
The Cardinals could take a running back even later than this with Rashad Jennings, Shonn Greene and Javon Ringer still on the board. Brown is the best bet here though and this would allow Arizona to move on from Edgerrin James.

64 Pittsburgh Steelers - Phil Loadholt (OT, Oklahoma)
I have my reservations about Loadholt and if teams feel the same, he might not be a day one pick. The consensus is that Pittsburgh needs to add something to their offensive line, but they won a Super Bowl with the current starters.

Seahawks third round pick? Why not Troy Kropog from Tulane. Fits the team's new zone blocking scheme nicely and adds some much needed depth at the tackle position.



Arterio said...

I know you really want it happen, but I have a hard time believing that Ruskell would pass up Curry and take Crabtree. It would be inconsistent with past draft decisions.

Anonymous said...

To add to what Arterio said, depending on how confident they are that they'll be able to sign Hill to a long-term deal, they may feel the need to take Curry. Of course, it they do, I think it all but guarantees Hill's ticket out of town is printed. I have been thinking for a while that 2 tackles are off the board in the top 3, although I hope we're both wrong and Monroe drops to us at 4.

Rob Staton said...

The reason I don't think Seattle will take Curry, is because there's only so much he can achieve playing in Seattle's defense. I'm not sure they'll invest $60m at the linebacker position with Lofa Tatupu soaking up tackles through the middle. Leroy Hill's production as a rookie was 7.5 sacks, he only managed 6 in the three years after they signed Julian Peterson.

I also have a hard time believing the team, having franchised him this year, will simply draft Curry in order to release Leroy Hill next year.

Curry might be a 'low risk' pick but I'm not sure, for Seattle anyway, that's he's the kind of 'impact' player they want. It might go against what Ruskell has done in the passed, but he's never drafted this early as GM in Seattle.

AK Hawk said...

I have yo agree. If Curry is still on the board at four the Seahawks will have to take him. I do like the second and third round picks though. Fill's a need with quality players. Have you done any trading down mocks yet? Aleays interested to see who may be interested in our pick and for what.

Rob Staton said...

AK Hawk - I've not incoporated trades into any of mocks this year. It's an interesting discussion piece though that we covered on the podcast (see articles for Sunday 12th April). I would be very surprised if the Seahawks were able to trade down from 4th overall, but stranger things have happened.

With regards to Curry, as I said previously I don't think the Seahawks will take him because of the limitations involved with his position. We've seen that having three very good linebackers doesn't necessarily translate to a great defense (2006-2008). With Lofa Tatupu soaking up tackles through the middle and Leroy Hill also taking on a bigger role as Seattle's 'franchise' tag, I don't see how you can justify a further $60m investment at linebacker.

For a team like Kansas City or Cleveland, Curry sets the tone. He's the guy in the middle making plays - their Lofa Tatupu so to speak. In Seattle he plays a restricted role and therefore - I think they'll look elsewhere. He'll be in their thinking, but I have reservations that he'll be Seattle's pick even if he's still on the board.

Brian McNeeley said...

I had thought while reading through your mock draft that Curry would be taken. However after reading the point made about the LB situation , the same can be said about the wideouts. I now think Sanchez will be the pick. Even if it's not the Hawks picking.

akki said...

Any idea what's causing all the buzz about Wells rising and Brown/Orakpo falling? There seems to be no news associated with any of it. For example, Ohio State's Pro Day was several weeks ago and Wells excelled, but he was still projected as a late 1st rounder afterward. Now he's climbing up the charts for some reason. Similarly, Brown was measured short weeks ago, and was still getting projected as a top 10 pick.

I like the Smith pick in the 2nd round, as if we're really going Tampa-two we need a guy at FS with better cover skills. I'm torn between safety and center there. We're in a tough position with Spencer - either he fails at picking up ZBS, or is injured again, and we need a new center, or he picks it up well, but then we have to extend his contract based on just one productive, healthy season. Either way, it's good to have a second option.

I see Kropog and Freeman to the Seahawks in the 3rd round repeatedly, which of course means that neither will end up happening.

Rob Staton said...

Hi Brian,

The reason I think Crabtree is slightly different to Curry, is that he can have a bigger impact on the offense than Curry can on defense. As a rookie he'll likely be playing from a scaled down playbook to get him on the field, a few simple routes. However, his presence on the field will draw coverage away from T.J. Houshmandzadeh, who I assume will become the team's NO.1 wideout in 2009. Crabtree will still make plays as an individual, but he takes the Seahawks passing game to another echelon.

In 2008, teams did not fear Seattle's passing game. They played a lot of run defense and blitz, daring the quarter back to try and pass. With Crabtree, Houshmandzadeh, Carlson and Branch/Burleson, they won't be able to do that. It draws pressure away from the offensive line, leading to less blitz and the chance for the running game to excel. That creates the kind of balance Greg Knapp is looking for on offense.

Crabtree can be an impact player not just as an individual, but also by helping other areas of the team. That's why I think if the team truly want an impact player in round one, Crabtree could be the choice.

Rob Staton said...

Akki - I think the reason for the Wells/Orakpo stock impact is down to discussions with scouts. If you check my archive articles, I've had Wells in the top 10 at various times since January. The talent is definitely there, it's just whether you can rely on his durability. I expect one of the running backs to be taken surprisingly high, whether it's Wells or Knowshon Moreno. Both have top 10 talent and if they do fall, it may just be because teams are going towards two back systems and don't want to invest millions in one back.

I'm guessing here with Orakpo, but if you look at photographs of him when he initially joined the Longhorns he was very slight (just over 200lbs I believe). He's become something of a gym rat to bulk up but I think teams are taking the impression that he's bulked up as far as he can go and that maybe he's maxed out. He hasn't got elite speed and his coverage skills are questionable. That creates legitimate questions for 4-3 and 3-4 defenses.

With regard to the second round, personally I'm hoping that the Seahawks have a chance to draft Alex Mack. However, I expect him to be off the board. Max Unger and Eric Wood are still on the board and they could easily be the choice, as could Jamon Meredith. Offensive line is a need area for Seattle.

However, I like Sean Smith. Yeah he's cocky, but sometimes that's not such a bad thing. I don't think he's a 'bad' character guy, rather than having a certain swagger. He is big for a corner at 6'4" but still has good speed. Maybe he is a bit of a tweener, but the Seahawks can find ways to use him as a rookie at CB or safety. I've had him as a first round pick for a while, but if he does fall I think he would be a nice pick for Seattle.

Daniel said...

I'm LOVE what I see in this mock draft, especially with Crabtree and Sean Smith. But what about Rashad Jennings with the third round pick? He seems like a steal in the third round at this point.

Rob Staton said...

Hi Daniel,

I did an article on the safety class recently and Jennings was one of the guys I like. I think he'd be a good option in round four, but I also like Derek Pegues in round four or five. Louis Delmas, if he makes it to 37 could be a possibility.

The thinking with the Sean Smith pick is that he can play some CB and safety as a rookie.

Kurt said...

I've seen Sean Smith linked to the Hawks in a few draft articles. I'm not against the pick but Ruskell has not done a good job of evaluating that position and we've paid for it with a couple of high draft picks.

I would rather we picked up McCoy with that 2nd round pick. It wasn't too long ago that he was a late 1st round pick.

Scotia Seahawk said...

I'm hoping we go centre or guard in the 2nd. For me Simms and maybe Spencer are bigger liabilities than Russell.

akki said...

I'd crack up if Ruskell decided to replace a guy named Pork Chop with a guy named Jamon. At least it would be a culinary upgrade.

My point on Brown/Orakpo/Wells was that the player-specific information cited has been out there for a while already. Maybe you've hit on the explanation for the rises and falls though, in that the more scouts the columnists get to consult over time, the more accurate their read of the actual value teams place on the prospects. Meanwhile in the background, the underlying value isn't changing as much as the perception.

Rob Staton said...

I think it's important to put things into context with Wells and Orakpo. Rob Rang's latest mock shows how far Orakpo could fall (he goes 20th overall to Detroit). I think that's more an example than anything. I've adjusted my mock to have him go 9th overall but that's as much to do with Aaron Curry being available at five for Cleveland.

Orakpo's one of those guys who is difficult to judge. It's not an amazing draft for defensive ends so maybe his stock will remain high if teams feel they have a big need there.

With regards to Wells, as I said previously I've had him in my top 10 a few times this year. There's no doubting he has the talent, character and when healthy - production. He's a real boom or bust guy in that if he's healthy, he could have an Adrian Peterson type impact. If he continues to pick up knocks in the NFL, he could be restricted. I think it's becoming clearer where his grading is now and I personally won't be surprised if he's comfortably in the top 15 picks. It's always difficult to judge running backs. Remember last year? Jonathan Stewart was being touted anywhere from a top 15 pick to falling deep into the first round because of a metatarsal injury. He went 13th overall in the end. Wells could beat that.

Anonymous said...

Rob, I like your site--I visit it several times a day! I'm sure you've already answered, but how did you become a Seahawks fan living in England?

Rob Staton said...

Hi annonymous, thanks for visiting the blog so frequently. After I finished university I went to live in Vancouver and had the chance to travel to Seattle. On one of my trips accross the border, I had a chance to watch the Seahawks and basically became hooked from that day and I've had an unhealthy obsession for the team ever since.

K. said...

I wish I could be more enthusiastic about drafting a WR with the fourth pick in the draft. I would be if there was someone who was 6'3", huge hands, a speed merchant, and a great route runner. In the absence of that, the track record of first round WRs just isn't that impressive.

gonzhawk said...

Hey Rob, do you know a guy named theEnglishseahawk?

Anyway, great draft as always-

Hey K, Crabs has the second "hugest" hands for a receiver in the draft and can run and sell routes pretty well, and you are correct sir about the speed, but Fitzgeral and Anquan will tell you that it is overrated (4.6 and 4.7 respectively, right Rob?)

I think Smith and Kropog would be great-we probably need a good OL in the first 3 rounds don't you think?

I also agree with Charley Casserly that Orakpo looks stiff, plays stiff and is a stiff-and want no part of that workout warrior!

Ps. great work as always and thanks for the Blog...

gonzhawk said...

Sorry, I was wrong on the hands, they are arguably the strongest and at 9 and 1/4 are secod only to a few guys who were over 6'3", I think the only 4 to have over 10 inchers (don't laugh)...

his arms are the second longest at 34 1/4, again only to Ramses B. who is 6'6"-Peace and GO HAWKS!

Brandon said...

Derek Pegues isnt bad, i go to ms state so ive seen him a play a lot.

In round two, i could almost assure you that jags get alphonso smith in that situation and then senderrick marks in 3 to fix DT.

Good mock though, Rob
Give a look at mine and tell me what you think if ya dont mind.


Rob Staton said...

Thanks for the heads up on Alphonso Smith, I see where you coming from there and I've probably concentrated too much on a certain position rather than value with that choice.

Nice mock, Brandon. I personally think Jason Smith will go second overall because he's a better run blocker. I anticipate St Louis looking to run the ball a lot as Steve Spagnuolo moulds his Rams team into something akin to the Giants. If Jason Smith makes it to number four in that situation I'm half inclined to suggest the Seahawks would probably be all over that pick. He has massive upside and would fit their new zone blocking scheme perfectly. Although he wouldn't necessarily be an 'impact' player, I think Smith would be too good to pass.

Brandon said...

Thanks for the feedback Rob,
How is the LB core without peterson?

Rob Staton said...

I don't think it's too bad. We currently have the same three linebackers on our roster that we had in 2005 (13-3, Superbowl XL).

There's only so many tackles to go around and with Tatupu soaking things up through the middle and Leroy Hill probably moving to a more pass-rush focussed role, whoever starts alongside that might find it difficult to have a big impact. To compare, Leroy Hill as a rookie had 7.5 sacks. They then signed Julian Peterson and Hill had 6 sacks in three years.

They could try to find another impact rookie in the middle rounds. Jason Williams from Western Illinois could be that type of prospect.