Saturday, 4 April 2009

Rob Rang & Chad Reuter - updated mock drafts

Rob Rang and Chad Reuter (NFL Draft Scout) both published updated mock drafts for CBS Sportsline today. Rang appears to have settled on Aaron Curry as the Seahawks pick - a telling analysis considering Rob is very often 'on the money' when it comes to guessing Tim Ruskell's mind. Reuter has gone with Michael Crabtree for the second consecutive mock draft. This is also interesting - Crabtree isn't a popular pick for Seattle recently. Mike Mayock announced his first mock draft (see below) this week and hasn't got Crabtree in the top 10 (Darrius Heyward-Bey and Jeremy Maclin both go before the Texas Tech receiver).

Is Mayock's mock an over reaction? What do you think of Rob Rang and Chad Reuter's latest predictions?

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Chris (Seattle) said...

Hey Rob. Personally, I think it's ridiculous to think both Maclin and Hayward-Bay will go before Crabtree. These character issues still aren't something concrete or specific. Plus, as i've mentioned before, he has Jerry Rice and Deion Sanders mentoring him...he'll be fine. Hayward-Bay is the classic case of a workout star who doesn't seem to translate it to the field like his measureables would indicate. Maclin is very versatile and has gamebreaking ability, but I still can't see him going ahead of Crabtree, but it's at least plausible. I think Mayock is just trying to make his mark by making some unconventional picks. We'll all see in a few weeks what goes down i guess.

Rob Staton said...

Hi Chris always good to hear from you,

My own personal opinion of Mayock's mock is that it's a little bit of an over reaction. Nobody really knows what these character concerns are and surely if they were that bad we'd have heard at least some details? I remember hearing detailed reasons why Darren McFadden wasn't the greatest 'character'... and he still didn't get passed the Raiders.

Mayock often spoke about Crabtree's 'posse' at the combine and I agree with him - it wasn't a good look. Neither are the injuries and the bad interviews. However, I have to believe one team somewhere in the top ten watches the tape, and thinks 'we can get something out of this kid'. I don't think he'll get passed Jacksonville and that is probably a worst case scenario for me. I'm not going to rule him out of Seattle's thinking until we hear details about these character issues. He's too talented to do that.

Michael said...

Perhaps Crabtree's issues are similar to Oher. Both have immense skill, yet both are not on Seattle's radar.

Both were interviewed at the combine by Seattle.

IMO, if one takes a step back from the hype, you see a skilled player in a gimick offense. I would bet the farm we would say the same of Brian Robiskie (even more with his character) if he had played in the defense deficient, gimmicky offense that was Crabtree's experience.

Give me Deon Butler in the 5th. Real speed to open up the middle for JT. The Nittany Lions best receiver two years running.

Rob Staton said...

I disagree, Michael. Crabtree did play in a very pass friendly offense whilst Robiskie wasn't afforded that fortune. However, Crabtree's talent really warrants the hype, he's more than a system receiver.