Friday, 10 April 2009

Rick Gosselin's mock draft published

Rick Gosselin from the Dallas Morning News published his mock draft today. The reason why I want to highlight this is simple - Gosselin produces one of the most accurate mock drafts in the business. The Huddle Report ranks mock drafts on a three year average. Gosselin is top of the chart just ahead of CBS Sportslines Clark Judge.

So who does he have Tim Ruskell taking? Citing that the "Seahawks (are) desperate for a threatening offensive weapon" he predicts they'll take Michael Crabtree. It's perhaps telling that the top two ranked by the Huddle Report (Gosselin and Judge) both send the Texas Tech receiver to Seattle.

Pro Football Weekly this week published a supposed quote from an unnamed NFL representative questioning Crabtree's work ethic. I will look into this further over the weekend as if such a report were true, it seriously affects the legitimacy of Crabtree ending up in Seattle.


Anonymous said...

Gossellin's mock looks a little off this year. I know he has a good track record, but his mock just looks quite bad in all honesty.

He makes a lot of sound picks, but then has Harvin going to the Raiders, when I think they would go with Heyward-Bey or an OT way before Harvin.

Perhaps the most unsettling pick is Ziggy Hood at 20 when Oher and Andre Smith are still on the board. I can't imagine the Lions passing on a top notch OT considering they take Stafford at #1.

His track record might be very good, but in all honesty, a lot of his picks are frighteningly bad this year(I am no expert, but I pride myself in having a good idea of how things are going to play out).

That said, his pick of Crabtree at #4 is obviously a legit possibility even considering that Eugene Monroe is still on the board.

Wasn't trying to be mean about the guy, just wanted to check him out because of his good track record.

Rob Staton said...

There are certainly some 'surprises' in the mock...

akki said...

Note last sentence of Gosselin's article. The first two mocks he does are just for kicks, and every year people wonder what he was smoking while he wrote them. Only his last one is the one that counts, and the one that is renowned for its accuracy.

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